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OyMG Best Book, OyMG By Amy Fellner Dominy This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book OyMG , Essay By Amy Fellner Dominy Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

[ PDF ] ✍ OyMG  Author Amy Fellner Dominy – Diclofenac16.us
  • Hardcover
  • 247 pages
  • OyMG
  • Amy Fellner Dominy
  • English
  • 15 May 2019
  • 9780802721778

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    This review can also be found on Reading Between ClassesCover Impressions The cover is very cute Covered in doodles, it looks like it could have been pulled from Ellie s notebook I love the play on words in the title and hope that most teens would get it The Gist Ellie has one goal to attend the Christian Society Speech and Performing Arts summer camp and win a coveted scholarship to St Benedict s school, the posh school with the best debate team around As a Jewish girl in a Christian camp, Ellie feels a little out of place and her plans are threatened when she discovers that the school s benefactor, and her the grandmother of her crush and main competition, may be prejudiced against Jews Ellie must decide how much of herself she is willing to sacrifice in order to win.Review OyMG is an enjoyable read about a young girl struggling to find her own identity in the face of what everyone else wants her to be The plot is a little expected and predictable, but the characters are fantastic Ellie is a strong and independent young woman who knows the value of a good argument and is willing to work hard for the things that she wants Her parents are loving and supportive something that is often all too rare in YA novels The best fr...

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    Ellie s parents say she was born debating, and there s no denying she loves a good argument She hopes the skills she developed in presenting her side of a case will get her a scholarship into prestigious Benedict s school, and her ticket in may be performing well at the Christian Society Speech and Performing Arts summer camp.Sure she s Jewish, but that shouldn t make a difference, right OyMG by Amy Fellner Dominy has everything needed to be a good book to read and a good book to discuss for mother daughter book clubs Thirteen year old Ellie is funny, confident in her ability to think on her feet, but a bit insecure when it comes to boys She loves her Zeydeh Yiddish for grandfather , who lives just down the street and spends a lot of time at her home.When she s asked to lie about being Jewish, it brings up a lot of questions for her that may even bring out a debate in your own group with questions that explore values and faith Is lying ever okay to get you something you want, when you know in your own heart you re not representing yourself truthfully Can you tell how someone will act based on their religion How do you deal with family members you love who are prejudiced when you aren t Do children have an obligation to carry on in the traditio...

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    Amy Dominy s debut young adult novel, OyMG will warm your heart and make you laugh out loud whether you are 13 or 53 With the precision of a stand up comedian, Dominy hits every hilarious beat in the stressed out world of high school speech and debate With equal precision she portrays the confused inner world of fourteen year old Ellie, who wants than anything to win the Christian Society Speech and Performing Arts Summer Camp Scholarship to attend Benedict s High School in the fall even if she is Jewish and her Zeydeh grandpa thinks Christian camp is no place for a Jewish girl That is, Ellie thinks that s what she wants than anything, until a web of lies, a sick feeling in her stomach that might just be her conscience and her argumentative Zeydeh help her find out who she really is, even if that person isn t the one the bigoted donor of the scholarship fund is going to choose Along the way, Ellie falls in love make that, starts to sizzle with the hottest guy at Benedict s summer speech camp, who just happens to be the grandson of the bigoted Mrs Yeats He has some identity issues to sort out also this is the world of teen agers after all Dominy manages to give us a satisfying ending without portraying unrealistic transformations or denying the ugliness that often imbues our society Whether a young adult is Jewish or not the book is recommended for ages 12 and up , this thou...

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    Okay, this has been a difficult review to write I have been struggling to get this review cobbled together Why Well, for one, this YA book delves into serious and wholly relevant issues regarding religious affiliation and prejudice, so I do not want to sound at all casual or insensitive in my review.For about two thirds of the novel, I was really hooked And thenmy enthusiasm kind of teetered off As a reader, I felt as though the overall message of the novel got lost in a shuffle I think the premise, the characters, the writing, etc all of that are very solid Ellie herself is a strong and intelligent young teen protagonist, which is a huge plus However, here s what really knocked the experience of the novel for me I had a very difficult time processing was some of the characters motivations and messages towards the end of novel.One I felt like some insight and or background for Doris Yates, the anti Semitic benefactor, was needed Not to explain or justify her prejudice, but to explore her motivations and history as a person There is one major showdown between Ellie and Mrs Yates towards the end of the novel, and I was shocked by the sudden verbal ugliness that Mrs Yates expresses Maybe the author felt that no insight or background to the character was needed And it is true that we get prejudicial and uncomfortable moments courtesy of Mrs Yates earlier in the novel, but even so...

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    My Thoughts When I first heard about this one, I was very excited Because of the arguing I love reading about a girl and a boy debating against each other and than starting to like each other It sounded really sweet We are introduced to Ellie who is a teenager She isn t just any normal teenager Her family is very religious She comes from a mostly jewish family even though there is a Lutheran in there Ellie s father is Lutheran but mother is Jewish She gets accepted into the Christian Society Speech and Performing Arts summer camp This is exciting for Ellie because she believes if she can do good she can get accepted into the best school for speech in the country She needs this scholarship because its the only way she can go there The school is too expensive otherwise She shows up the first day of camp and goes head to head with Devon, who of course happens to be the grandson of the women running the scholarship She makes a fool of herself, so much for first impressions.Ellie and Devon face off and they soon learn to respect each other Even though they are competing against each other, they try not to let that get in the way of their blossoming friendship Of course Ellie can t like a guy She s never been into boys much She s too focused for that And, Devon is so gorgeous, there is no way he can like Ellie like that, right So many issues arise in this novel Religion is a big t...

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    This book made me smile Why you ask Because it was full of hilarity and cuteness I never thought debate camp would be so much fun The relationships in this story were nice and not too overdone, for example, Ellie and her best friend weren t attached at the hip Devon was the kind of sweet guy I would have a crush on and I was cheering for Ellie and him all through the book They were great characters, but Zeydeh had to be my favorite I wish I had a grandfather like him he was funny and always spoke his mind.I liked that this book also had a life lesson in it and it wasn t just a cute book, it was deep too The whole idea of a Jewish girl going to a Christian debate camp sounds hilarious so why wouldn t you want to read this book If you like a cute, funny story about growing up...

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    OyMG, indeed This made me very hungry for matzo ball soup, made me giggle and smile a whole bunch of times and made me cry twice review booksellers will have a book to recommend to shoppers who want a good Jewish role model in a YA novel even though she spends most of the book pretending to be Chris...

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    This was a very clean, well written book Contemporary is usually not my first choice, but I enjoyed it immensely.

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    Ellie s not entirely sure what she wants to do with the rest of her life, but she s got her short term goals set She s going to a summer camp at an exclusive private school in the hopes that she ll nail the oratory competition and then get a scholarship Ellie LOVES debate and wants to turn that into a career, but the exact job is still TBD But there s a tiny snag Ellie s Jewish and this is a Christian camp and school Slightly bigger obstacle the woman giving out the scholarship may dislike Jewish people So now Ellie has to choose whether to out herself as a member of God s chosen people now or after she gets the scholarship.Complicating things further She really likes the woman s grandson, the incredibly gorgeous Devon.This is such a fantastic book I think this would be a great classroom book club pick because there are so many great discussions to have about it We all make compromises every day and I don t think it s necessarily a betrayal to act differently based on who you re around But it s also a slippery slop...

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    This book was a fairly simple read It was a cute story about a Jewish girl going to a Christian day camp and her experience I like that it dealt with prejudice and racism that is still happening in today s society It may not be as extreme as it used to be, but it still happens.I like Ellie, the main character She was a strong character who was dealing with herself and who she really was Her strong willed religious grandfather was an amazing character I liked that he was very sure of who he was and very outspoken about what he felt He was there to challenge Ellie and he did just that I don t know how I felt about Devon He was an ok male lead, but I don t feel like he was as strong as he could have been.There was a good balance between the old way of thinking, the grandparents, and the new way, the kids There ...

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