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Tempting EvilTempting Evil Numberin Series KeriIn A World Of Sorcery And Seduction, The Night Brings Out The Beautiful, The Damned And The Desired Here, Riley Jenson Is On Her Own Half Werewolf, Half Vampire, Working For An Organisation Created To Police The Supernatural Races Tempting Evil Riley Jenson Guardianby Keri Tempting Evil Is Pretty Morbid I Loved It Infiltrating The Grounds As Whores And Arena Fighters, Toys For The Crossbred Freaks With Interesting Body Part Accessories, And Sexual Sadists Who Apparently Enjoy Raping Women Not Only When They Re Screaming In Fear And Tempting Evil Ebook En VO E Books Cultura In A World Of Sorcery And Seduction, The Night Brings Out The Beautiful, The Damned And The Desired Here, Riley Jenson Is On Her Own Half Werewolf, Half Vampire, Working For An Organisation Created To Police The Supernatural Races Trusting Her Supe Tempting Evil A Novel Of Suspense Prison Break TrilogyAppareilsSlectionnez La Section Dans Laquelle Vous Souhaitez Faire Votre Recherche Tempting Evil Broch Keri Arthur Achat Livre OuTempting Evil, Keri Arthur, Dell Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Ou Tlchargez La Version EBook Tempting Evil Poche Allison Brennan Achat Livre OuTempting Evil, Allison Brennan, Ballantine Libri Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Ou Tlchargez La Version EBook Read Tempting Evil Riley Jenson GuardianTempting Evil Riley Jenson GuardianIn A World Of Sorcery And Seduction, The Nights Bring Out The Beautiful, The Damned, And The Desired Here, Riley Jenson Is On Her Own Half Werewolf, Half Vampire, Working For An Organization Created To Police The Supernatural Races Tempting Evil EBook De Allison Brennan Tempting Evil EBook De Allison Brennan Tempting Evil Allison Brennan Praise For Tempting Evil An Excellent Thriller That Would Surely Make An Easy Transition To The Small Or Big Screen Overall, TEMPTING EVIL Is An Exciting Read From Start To Finish And I Devoured It In An Extremely Short Space Of Time Tempting Evil Prison Break Trilogy,by Allison This Was A Very Solid Romantic Suspense The Suspense Was Well Done It Did Drag A Bit There At The End, But Only Because I Was Ready For The Bad Guy To Get His In The End

!!> Reading ➼ Tempting Evil ➵ Author Keri Arthur – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 371 pages
  • Tempting Evil
  • Keri Arthur
  • English
  • 26 November 2017
  • 9780749938154

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    This book sucked the big cheese I m am in no way a prude but it s a little hard to take your heroine seriously when she is running around naked the ENTIRE book How awkward Esp when she s constantly fighting gladiator style The whole time I thought well, I guess it s a good thing she doesn t have balls or a hairy ass crack SPOILERS Let s see Riley is raped, beaten, abused, oh yeah the best yet.going to have naked mud wrestling as an arena whore for her arch nemesis And not only barely bats an eye after all of this, but is actually looking forward to the wrestling Cue the eye rolls Yeah, yeah, we get it, she is a werewolf they need to have sex all the time in order practically survive But the author does such an incredibly lame job trying to justify this fact to her audience well me anyway that I wonder if she is actually trying to convince herself most of all It comes off as forced, gratuitous extremely laughable.I actually can t believe people give LKH crap not this series At least LKH integrated Anita having the ardeur 10 books in In this series Arthur clubs you over the head with the same exact justification in each book I m talking line verbatim here , just so she can write lame sex scenes And yes the sex scenes suck They are super short, all the EXACT same The man is always too exci...

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    Ancora pi esplosiva, ancora pi coraggiosa Riley Jenson una forza della natura Meno male che non mi avete vista, mentre leggevo questo terzo capitolo della serie, LOL Come sapete, non che mi ricordo tutto per filo e per segno, ho delle reminiscenze di alcune scene storiche e qui ne ho ritrovata una che mi ha fatto strillare come una pazza L ho adorata all epoca e l ho adorata adesso In questo libro la competizione tra il vampiro Quinn e il lupo alfa Kellen alle stelle, per la gioia dei miei ormoni che, come quelli della nostra Riley, ballano la samba come se non ci fosse un domani Di questa guerra per il cuore della lupa, per , abbiamo un assaggio solo all inzio, poich in seguito e per tutto il resto del romanzo, l attenzione puntata unicamente sul caso da risolvere Gi quando lo lessi per la prima volta la cosa mi dispiacque, e cos stato con la rilettura C tantissimissima azione, ma si avverte considerevolmente la mancanza del lato romantico finch in scena non rientra il nostro Quinn, ovvio P E che rientro, ragazze DA BRIVIDOOOHHH Volete un indizio piccino picci Okay Sesso telepatico Yep Nelle arringhe finali, quindi, con la partecipazione del vampiro, tutto si svolge a un ritmo serrato che ti lascia senza fiato, per poi giungere a un epilogo da batticuore Non giocher pi secondo le regole Ora gioco per vincere L a ...

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    I knew I had to give this one up because I had absolutely no motivation to finish it This series has kind of fizzed out for me Womp.Also I hate Quinn s guts This character just got terrible as the books progressed I m tired of reading...

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    Tempting Evil is pretty morbid I loved it Infiltrating the grounds as whores and arena fighters, toys for the crossbred freaks with interesting body part accessories, and sexual sadists who apparently enjoy raping women not only when they re screaming in fear and pain, but also as they are knocked out unconscious.It s time Riley and Rhoan, along with the other sexy studs and vampires, receive enough intel that they are ready to wiggle into the completely screwed world of a psychohomosexual who apparently enjoy watching women and men being used, abused, and beaten to the point of death, and then screwing them or handing them over to the zoo filled with freaks that were a result of his lab experiments.I marked this book on goodreads as 3 stars I liked it So far, these books are truly entertaining me I find myself excited to read and have managed to continue receiving As in school and still read a book a day cheersHowever, this book left me wanting The action was incredible, the plot and sexually seductive options and kidnappings ar...

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    Every time I read these books I can t help but fall inlove with them again They are truly amazing and everything I could want in a novel I mean, werewolfs, vampires and sex all in the same book It s every womens fantasy on print

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    When I first heard about this book I was only able to get hold of book three so I had to read it first, which wasn t ideal, but it wasn t difficult to catch up with the story that I had missed and I did enjoy the book Riley is part of the supernatural team investigating genetic experiments being carried out on shifters and finally, they have the name of the guy running the show Deshon Starr To get to his mansion and private labs, Kade and Rhoan are going in as security guards and Riley goes in as a shifter fighter, there to entertain the crowds and service the most trusted men Riley is trying to find the main labs through psychic exploration of her guards minds during sex, locate a child hostage and help a race of creatures to escape, all without raising suspicion But her fellow fighters aren t making life easy for her and having her brother and friends undercover as well gives her plenty to worry about.Riley reminds me so much of Anita Blake with her smart mouth and tough attitude and I liked ...

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    Holy crap.Keri Arthur is awesome I ve never hated a villain And loved a heroine as much as Riley Well maybe that s debateable Either way, this is an unforgettable series.

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    Per me una rilettura e conferma il giudizio della prima volta Riley un personaggio meraviglioso, adoro questo tipo di eroine Non ha bisogno di aiuto ma le fa piacere riceverlo, sbaglia e impara dagli errori Ama e viene amata, e anche se il suo destino sembra segnato non si abbandona agli eventi ma li cavalca termine non usato a caso.In questa seconda lettura mi sono soffermata sui particolari e sui personaggi secondari La Arthur ha creato una storia interessante e piena di colpi di scena in cui ogni riferimento messo per un motivo, tutto spiegato ma la lettura fluida e accattivante Fatico a fermarmi anche se so cosa accadr , mi coinvolge tantissimo E gi solo per Quinn anche questo terzo capitolo strepitoso A, azione, suspense, creature paranormali e una buona dose di scene pi calde, rendono questo libro completo e impossibile da posare Quello che d...

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    Listened to audio narrated by Angela Dawe.Riley has begun her Guardian training, something she never wanted to do in order to hunt down those responsible for hunting and experimenting on her, her brother and other non humans This is an ongoing arc, where some things will get resolved, other story elements are still being worked through Riley and Quinn are still a work in progress, while others remain in Riley s orbit Riley is developing new skills, which help her on her undercover mission Werewolf sensibilities are definitely different than human ones and...

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    To read reviews in this series and others, check out keikii eats books 76 points 100 4 stars 5 Warning Rape After months of searching, attempted kidnappings, attempted assassinations, and a whole lot of pain they have a name Deshon Starr Responsible for genetically modifying creatures and setting them out to secure his criminal empire, Starr is a madman, and they have finally found him Now, Riley is going undercover for a chance of taking him out, for good Tempting Evil is essentially the end of the arc that started the series, but not the end of the series I m surprised because I just wasn t as satisfied by this ending as I remembered It feels easy and sort of rushed It is so final, yet I know there are books after this Because I have actually read this before, I know that this is definitely the end of the clones arc, and the series takes a new direction The only reason I wouldn t say this is a trilogy is because nothing regarding our main character is at all resolved.We spend most of the book undercover in the enemies compound And what a fucked up place it turned out to be It is interesting to read because of how fucked up it is Yet there is a lot of rape, illusion to rape, and than that in the realm of sexual violence that happens in this book It makes it a bit unpalitable than I remembered The thing that surprised me was that I still couldn t remember who Des...

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