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Philip II Of Macedonia Philip II Of Macedonia 382 336 BCE , Unifier Of Greece, Author Of Greece S First Federal Constitution, Founder Of The First Territorial State With A Centralized Administrative Structure In Europe, Forger Of The First Western National Army, First Great General Of The Greek Imperial Age, Strategic And Tactical Genius, And Military Reformer Who Revolutionized Warfare In Greece And The West, Was One Of The Greatest Captains In The Military History Of The West Philip Prepared The Ground, Assembled The Resources, Conceived The Strategic Vision, And Launched The First Modern, Tactically Sophisticated And Strategically Capable Army In Western Military History, Making The Later Victories Of His Son Alexander Possible.Philip S Death Marked The Passing Of The Classical Age Of Greek History And Warfare And The Beginning Of Its Imperial Age To Philip Belongs The Title Of The First Great General Of A New Age Of Warfare In The West, An Age That He Initiated With His Introduction Of A New Instrument Of War, The Macedonian Phalanx, And The Tactical Doctrines To Ensure Its Success As A Practitioner Of The Political Art, Philip Also Had No Equal In All These Things, Philip Exceeded Alexander S Triumphs.This Book Establishes Philip S Legitimate And Deserved Place In Military History, Which, Until Now, Has Been Largely Minimized In Favor Of His Son By The Classicist Writers Who Have Dominated The Field Of Ancient Biography Richard Gabriel, Renowned Military Historian, Has Given Us The First Military Biography Of Philip II Of Macedonia.

[PDF] ↠ Philip II Of Macedonia  Author Richard A. Gabriel – Diclofenac16.us
  • Hardcover
  • 318 pages
  • Philip II Of Macedonia
  • Richard A. Gabriel
  • English
  • 06 October 2017
  • 9781597975193

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    This is a good solid biography of Philip II of Macedonia Perhaps he is famous for being the father of Alexander the Great than for his own accomplishments.However, this book makes a very strong case that he is a worthy important historical figure in his own right After all, he is the one who created the military and political platform from which Alexander launched his conquests.The book describes his youth, where he spent much time outside Macedonia as, in essence, a hostage Then, the tale of his rise to power The Macedonian forces had been wrecked in combat, and Philip came to power having to repair Macedonia s military The book shows how he did that, how he developed a new approach to battle, how he coupled diplomacy with conflict to advance the goals of Macedonia.From this beginning, he began to expand Macedonia s sphere of influence and its power For the most part, his military ...

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    Fascinating to see how Philip manipulated situations to bring Macedonia from a beleaguered state, to a world power.

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    this book was very informative read what i knew about phillip was what i have read with the books ive read about alexander and by reading about phillip i have alot understanding on how alexander was able to accomplis...

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    This was a mediocre work, unfortunately While the author is correct in his ultimate assessment regarding Philip, and how Alexander compares to him, he is writing about the subject in a very dull manner The treatment suffers from lack o...

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    A really well researched and convincing piece of writing.

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