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Below (Interstellar, #3) Three quarters of her crew are deep sea miners, geneoids, humans designed with aquatic traits that have created creatures of such beauty that Victoria can t help but be drawn to them, particularly the merman, Raphael When he claims her as his companion, he places her in an untenable position, but Victoria quickly discovers that the rules set down by the company that has betrayed them all are of no concern to her when it comes to Raphael, and that she is just as determined to have him as the company is to part them forever Rating Contains violence, explicit sex, graphic language, and profanity. New Read [ Below (Interstellar, #3) ] author [ Kaitlyn O'Connor ] –

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    4 Shiny Stars This is a short and there are some major flaws to this book but overall I enjoyed it a lot This stands out from O Connor s other books which are typically less on the sci fi and heavy on the romance Typically O Connor writes what I would deem a futuristic touch of sci fi survival romance...

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    This is a sci fi romance story about the monsters that attack a mining crew that is newly arrived on a planet.It was ok, but I didn t enjoy this story as much as most of her Ms O Connor s other books Strangely, it has one of the...

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    I really like the mystery suspense plot to this novel, which has a deep space mining feel even though the action takes place in a rig under water However, the romance between Victoria, the supervisor of the crew sent to the watery planet to extract ore for the shadowy company , and Raphael, the genetically bred merman crewmember, left me feeling a little clammy Maybe it was the whole tail fins, underwater breathing, hatching from an incubator, etc But the two of them felt off, somehow And I really like the mystery susp...

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    Before writing something related to SF even with an erotic twist , please do some research The story is clich , full of references unexplored and the writing is boring and dull I only got to page 27 when I almost fell asleep and for an erotic novel, that is not good.

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    I like the storyThis book wasn t quite what I had expected from Mrs Kaitlyn This was a very refreshing read from her previous book that I had read Sadly the world building was quite lacking and the conclusion to all the things tha...

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This book isromantic than the other books I ve read by Kaitlyn O Connor, but not as good as The 9th Orb or The Enslaved series Still it was quite an enjoyable read.As usual I liked the female main character Victoria a strong person who knows what to do when shit hits the fan Victoria arrives at Kay, a planet that had been...

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    Kind of reminds me a little bit of Deep Star Six and Leviathan A little bit of Sci Fi Horror Was pretty good but would have like some details to the ending They are rescued but there is no explanation of what happened when they returned Would have likedclosure.

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    The conclusion happened way to fast The build up worked but wow way to blow past the wrapping things up This book is also published as Abandoned.

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    Love Kaitlyn O Connors books but this is probably my least favorite But not a bad read 2.5 stars

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    Great sci fi romantic thriller good world building and action recommended read.

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