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The Queen's FortuneA Sweeping Novel About The Extraordinary Woman Who Captured Napoleon S Heart, Created A Dynasty, And Changed The Course Of History From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Traitor S Wife, The Accidental Empress, And SisiAs The French Revolution Ravages The Country, Desiree Clary Is Faced With The Life Altering Truth That The World She Has Known And Loved Is Gone And It S Fallen On Her To Save Her Family From The GuillotineA Chance Encounter With Napoleon Bonaparte, The Ambitious And Charismatic Young Military Prodigy, Provides Her Answer When Her Beloved Sister Julie Marries His Brother Joseph, Desiree And Napoleon S Futures Become Irrevocably Linked Quickly Entering Into Their Own Passionate, Dizzying Courtship That Leads To A Secret Engagement, They Vow To Meet In The Capital Once His Career Has Been Secured But Her Newly Laid Plans With Napoleon Turn To Sudden Heartbreak, Thanks To The Rising Star Of Parisian Society, Josephine De Beauharnais Once Again, Desiree S Life Is Turned On Its HeadSwept To The Glittering Halls Of The French Capital, Desiree Is Plunged Into The Inner Circle Of The New Ruling Class, Becoming Further Entangled With Napoleon, His Family, And The New Empress But Her Fortunes Shift Once Again When She Meets Napoleon S Confidant And Star General, The Indomitable Jean Baptiste Bernadotte As The Two Men In Desiree S Life Become Political Rivals And Military Foes, The Question That Arises Is Must She Choose Between The Love Of Her New Husband And The Love Of Her Nation And Its Emperor From The Lavish Estates Of The French Riviera To The Raucous Streets Of Paris And Stockholm, Desiree Finds Herself At The Epicenter Of The Rise And Fall Of An Empire, Navigating A Constellation Of Political Giants And Dangerous, Shifting Alliances Emerging From An Impressionable Girl Into A Fierce Young Woman, She Discovers That To Survive In This World She Must Learn To Rely Upon Her Instincts And Her HeartAllison Pataki S Meticulously Researched And Brilliantly Imagined Novel Sweeps Readers Into The Unbelievable Life Of A Woman Almost Lost To History A Woman Who, Despite The Swells Of A Stunning Life And A Tumultuous Time, Not Only Adapts And Survives But, Ultimately, Reigns At The Helm Of A Dynasty That Outlasts An Empire

!!> Reading ➶ The Queen's Fortune ➮ Author Allison Pataki – Diclofenac16.us
  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • The Queen's Fortune
  • Allison Pataki
  • English
  • 02 December 2017
  • 9780593128183

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestThis is a trashy work of historical fiction that will appeal to readers who like Philippa Gregory, although I m not sure how closely it ought to be taken at face value Most of the book consists of Desiree s amusing but cliched Mean Girls style rivalry with Josephine, and alternately waxing prolific about her husband, Bernadotte s, tall, slender figure and tatted chest, while also pining or despairing over Napoleon and wondering What Could Have Been I will give this author some credit, though, in that this is the first Napoleonic era book I read that paints Josephine as a catty, pathetic woman Sandra Gulland this is not.Desiree Clary is a noblewoman who married one of Napoleon s first commands and ultimately ended up becoming ruler of Sweden at the side of Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, later Carl Johan I had never heard about these historical figures before so it was interesting to learn about a piece of history that I had never learned about before Napoleon, in this book, deflowers her and promises to marry her, but Desiree learns the sad lesson of historical women everywhere that unless you can get him to put a ring on it first, men are lying liars who lie and don t want to buy the cow when there s free milk, etc.He cavorts around with Josephine, shoving her in Desiree s face at various parties while friendzoning Desiree hard Meanwhile, Desiree s sister, Julie, is married to the hot, non insane Napoleon brother, Joseph Desiree, on the other hand, is only saved from marrying some old guy when he keels over from stroke Jean Baptiste seems like a pretty good alternative by comparison but when his relationship sours, Desiree and Jean Baptiste s position in Napoleon s increasingly power hungry attempts at coup become tenuous, and it starts to feel like the Revolution all over again.As I said, this is pretty light reading I m not sure how much artistic liberties were taken with the story my guess is a lot I do think the Philippa Gregory comparison is apt, because much of the focus is on relationship drama, as well as fashion porn, and it definitely feels like something that was written with the attempt to titillate If you re into bodice rippers and don t care whether your historical reading is frothy as I don t , you ll probably enjoy this book I have the flu right now, and it was the perfect thing to read while wrapped in two robes, a bowl of seasoned bone broth and Earl Grey with lemon and honey at my side I could concentrate on the story without tripping over the details Fun Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 3.5 to 4 stars

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    I was absolutely mesmerized by the historical figure Desiree Clary Bernadette, and I cannot wait to share her story with you in February 2020

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    Set during a rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte.Desiree Clary was the first fianc of Napoleon and later became the Queen of Sweden.Overshadowed by history, this book sheds a light on her life.Marseille, France, 1794 During the tumultuous times of the French Revolution, when in need, Desiree meets Joseph Bonaparte He is interested in pursuing her, but when she meets his younger brother Napoleon, she is intrigued with the rough mannered but well read and brisk Napoleon rather than the handsome and funny Joseph Credited with averting a civil war, Napoleon is appointed Commander of the Army of the Interior As he rises through the leadership of the army in Paris, his letters to Desiree dwindle with each day.From a Parisian journal, she learns about Napoleon courting Josephine de Beauharnais And if that wasn t insulting enough, Napoleon corners Desiree to marry a much older man Duphot proposal is simply jaw dropping Was the man proposing marriage or discussing the pragmatic exchange of market goods Stunning and yet so real of the time period.But it is Jean Baptiste Bernadotte that captures her heart.While Napoleon leads his troops in Egypt, the situation at home goes from bad to worse People continue to be hungry and unhappy It seems as not much has changed since the time of the last king and queen There is a talk of overthrow The government is teetering on collapse All of Paris is on edge with rumors of riots And Napoleon comes through again as a man who knows when and how to capture the moment for his advancement He captures, yet again, the crumbling power.Paris, 1810 It comes as a surprise to Desiree and her husband to be offered a Swedish crown But it makes sense for Swedes to align themselves with Napoleon against such power as Russia.The story very well captures the violent times and uncertain days of the time period and gives a good outline of the rise and fall of Napoleon And the hypocrisy of going back to the tradition of coronation and to the ancient tradition of great men being called the Marshals of France, bestowing names of royalty, which was supposed to be gone.The historical background is like a rich cake with devouring layers You bite into it slowly to savor its richness Josephine had too much sugar, so she hides her brown teeth behind the sealed smiling lips Her feet dressed in sandals instead of being fully covered is simply shocking In setting new fashion, Josephine is not to wear muslin any as it s made in India, which is a British colony She is to wear silk and satin made only in France Hmm, sounds as history likes to repeat itself Even countess Marie Walewska makes a short appearance The teeny tiny details are marvelous.As well as engrossing presentation of feelings between Napoleon and Josephine, and how different Desiree s feelings were The drama of Napoleon s family, mother and sisters, not accepting his wife And later the erratic outbursts of Napoleon toward his wife It s all so real.Fully developed characters are intriguing some very well mannered and some simply don t care how they come across Some fear bad times, but they know how to cherries the good times and others simply complain and argue about everything and everywhere Some are vigorously ambitious and some think the life should hand them entitlements on a silver plate.In summary, masterfully written and richly imagined, the story captures the rich history of the France s turbulent times, textured with fascinating characters, who captivate with their raw feelings.The stunning and impeccable prose is a hook from the first lines of the first page When the snow falls at midnight, blanketing the empty cobbled streets, sugaring the gothic bell tower of the Storkyrkan church, it becomes easy to imagine For me, a girl from the south, where the breeze carried with it the warm seaside brine and the faint scent of the hillside lemon groves, the sudden appearance of these white flecks never fails to dazzle and disorient Source ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Finally getting around to this beauty this will be my first Napoleon historical fiction Let s see how it goes Thank you to Ballantine Books for an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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    An enthralling story that also taught me an enormous amount about figures and pieces of history I had no idea about the best kind of historical fiction I was thrilled to provide a quote Allison Pataki is a masterful historical author at the top of her game From the very first lyrical lines of The Queen s Fortune, I was wholly swept into the entrancing world of Desiree Clary Bernadotte Painstaking research and page turning prose placed me directly at the side of this remarkable yet lesser known figure, journeying from innocent girlhood to seasoned royalty, a survivor of guillotine threats, palace politics, and strains of the heart I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end.

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    I was absolutely mesmerized by the historical figure Desiree Clary Bernadotte I can t wait to share her story with you in February 2020

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    Okay, I TRIED to give this the benefit of the doubt, because I d like to be kind And perhaps the chutzpah of the author self rating her book a 5 was warranted, because it was that good a book Never mind that a wonderful classic book had been written about Desiree Clary before Hell, most of the authors out there right now don t seem to have read a book published before 2010, if that late, in the genre they write Maybe, just maybe, I d love it.Sorry, Allison Pataki, no sale.About 40 years ago, shelving books in a small Bronx branch of the NYPL, I came across a book by Annemarie Selinko, probably originally written in German It was called Desiree The Bestselling Story of Napoleon s First Love, had been published in the 1950s, I think It was about Eugenie Bernardine Desiree Clary, Napoleon s first love, later by an odd twist of history Queen of Sweden, with descendants on many of the thrones of Europe It was rich historical fiction Desiree was a heroine to love, and I loved the book, and in later years, often looked for references to her when I saw books on Napoleon I still love that book And I recommend that you run out and see if your library has it Kindle doesn t have it, but Google Books does, and I plan on buying an ebook copy as well.So what s my problem with this book Aside from the fact that Allison Pataki doesn t seem to know that this other book exists That it s not in her bibliography, though she does put in a book by Alexandre Dumas, because she is lame enough to try to link Desiree s husband as Dumas inspiration for D Artagnan That she doesn t even seem aware that there was a frickin FILM based on Selinko s book, starring Marlon Brando as Napoleon Yes, I have those problems with this book But this is what adds true insult to injury It s just not a very good book, period Good historical fiction makes a character come alive, and Pataki doesn t seem to have the gift Selinko s Desiree was endearing far from a perfect person, but lovable and real Pataki s Desiree is cardboard All the other characters are cardboard Pataki rushes through Desiree s life, leaving little space for any but those main cardboard characters She is interested in describing scenery than in adding the small touches that make characters come alive And we will not get into her use of out of period language I shimmied out of my corset and I was rooting for her, are the two that really twanged a nerve in me.In sum, this book doesn t even really deserve the one star I am giving it And if you want to find out about Desiree, I suggest that you start with this website, another thing Pataki clearly isn t familiar with the hell did she do her research anyway P.S Speaking of research the story about Jean Baptiste s tattoo is a fake, and it didn t take me long to research that

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    This book one of those stories that sates my thoughts and transports me to the past, when a young Corsican was breaking hearts and climbing the ranks of the French army, soon to be Emperor of France.The narrator is D sir e Clary, one time fianc e of Bonaparte D sir e begins her story as a young girl of privilege, daughter of a wealthy silk merchant, to Queen consort of Sweden and Norway Because Clary despised life at court, she is not an up front in your face figure in history Make no mistake, Clary was a prominent member of royal circles There s no doubt she was witness to historical moments such as the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte and his Empress Josephine Clary s life would have intersected with the Bonaparte s often, leaving her privy to all the juicy gossip of palace life Allison Pataki uses her well researched knowledge to create a relationship between two women who loved Napoleon but ultimately lost him to war and the unquenchable thirst for control Of course, there s so much to this story than the relationship between D sir e and Josephine Pataki explores all aspects of Clary s long life From her devotion to her sister Julie married to Napoleon s brother, Joseph , her marriage to the French general Jean Bernadotte later crowned Charles XIV John, King of Sweden and Norway , her role as messenger influencer between Bernadotte and Bonaparte, and as a loving mother to her only child, the future Oscar I of Sweden Pataki focuses on a woman who appears to have enjoyed life behind the scenes, content to let others shine However, it is her bloodline that outshines even an Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte may be a great figure in history, known by most, but it is Clary s House of Bernadotte that still rules today.I loved this book I loved this book I loved this book So much history Such fascinating subjects The World is made for the bold impious man Who stops at nothing, seizes all he can John Dryden s Aurengzebe 1676 ARC copy courtesy of NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group Comments are my own.

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    I enjoyed this book immensely Judging by the synopsis, I first thought that there was invention than truth to this story I was amazed to learn that I was wrong Desiree Clary s journey from a fatherless 16 year old girl in France to becoming the Queen of Sweden and all of the events in between was a fascinating tale There was politics in this book than I cared for, but at the same time, learning about France and the Revolution couldn t hurt Overall a great read Thanks to Netgalley and Ballantine Books for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book.

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    The Queen s Fortune by Allison Pataki is an amazing, epic, and thrilling historical fiction piece that tells the story of the very interesting woman, Desiree Clary Bernadotte I have to admit upfront that whe I know qyuite a bit of Russian and English history, I know less about French history Ms Pataki is very talented in that she was able to weave together an amazing story of a woman that was involved with so many important moments in history, yet was under the radar for a majority of them I absorbed every hard fought and well researched tidbit, devouring each page with fascination This novel is clearly well researched and written with a respect that should make any family proud.I loved Desiree and because of Ms Pataki, I am searching for on this fascinating woman of history, as well as addition information on the history of the rich nations of France and Sweden This novel is a triumph and I loved every breathtaking moment of it A true gem Ms Pataki has a great gift 5 5 stars enthusiastically Thank you NetGalley and Random House for this amazing ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion.I am submitting this review to my GR account immediately and will post it to my , Bookbub, and BN accounts upon publication.Thank you again

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