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Witchy In The Witch Kingdom Hyalin, The Strength Of Your Magic Is Determined By The Length Of Your Hair Those That Are Strong Enough Are Conscripted By The Witch Guard, Who Enforce The Law In Peacetime And Protect The Land During War However, Those With Hair Judged Too Long Are Pronounced Enemies Of The Kingdom, And Annihilated This Is Called A Witch Burning.Witchy Is A Comic About The Young Witch Nyneve, Who Is Haunted By The Death Of Her Father And The Threat The Witch Guard Poses To Her Own Life When Conscription Rolls Around, Nyneve Has A Choice To Make Join The Institution Complicit In Her Father S Death, Or Stand Up For Her Ideals Witchy Was Nominated For The 2015 Ignatz For Outstanding Online Comic, The 2016 DINKy For Outstanding Web Comic, And The Danish Pingprisen For Best Online Series In 2017 And 2018.

[Epub] Witchy  By Ariel Slamet Ries – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Witchy
  • Ariel Slamet Ries
  • 03 August 2017
  • 9781549304811

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    This wasn t bad, but it just very much wasn t for me Waaay too fantastical for my personal tastes.

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    The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review 3.5 Stars Witchy is a very engaging graphic novel about a kingdom in which the strength of people s magic is determined by the length of their hair This was such an interesting and new concept One of my favorite aspects of this book was definitely the mother daug...

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    Choosing your own path with all odds against youIn the kingdom Hyalin the length of your hair is a big deal It determines the strength of your magic, thus short haired people have fewer possibilities and are less respected However, sometimes those in power decide that one s hair is too long and such a person is a treat to the country Such a person is burned Such a person was Nyneve s father And now so is Nyneve Witchy is a story of choosing your own destiny even with the whole kingdom against you It s about the fight against society s expectations About sometimes simply running away when things get too intense About different ways of standing up for yourself About pain and about healing About the sacrifice and about accepting it About living your true life and about being forced to hide Witchy has also and interesting magic system with witches, various ways of channelling one s ...

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    I love when I pick up a graphic novel and, within just a few pages, know that I ve found a new favorite series to follow at least, I m assuming it s going to be a series, based on the ending Witchy takes place in a magical world where each person s power is dictated by the length of their hair Having watched her father burned when she was a child due to his hair being deemed too long by the government, Nyneve spends her life hiding who she is in hopes of going unnoticed by the army.The art style in this is fun and light, but the plot has a lot of nuance and subtle heaviness to it There s an oppressive militia government, a lot of hurting children and families, and something suspicious going on in the way the kingdom of Hyalin s history is steadily being rewritten and erased There s also a ton of gorgeously effortless diversity, including characters of col...

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    It was late I figured I would just look at this book, because the cover looked so interesting.And here I am, at 1 17am, writing the review, because, although it was late, I had to finish this first installment of this amazing fantasy world.In this world, hair gives your magic the little bit extra push The hair you have, the stronger the magic.Nyneve s father was killed because of his hair.She does not want the same fate, and she doesn t want to work for the guards who killed him So, when she is conscripted, she cuts off her hair, and runs away.The drawings are amazing The characters are fully formed The world is well built.My only complaint is that there isn t of it.A great book for children of all ages, including those who are adults.Highly recommend this story of a gi...

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    I was provided an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Witchy is a graphic novel set in a world where magic comes from the length of one s hair, but when one s hair is too long, the government takes it as a threat and executes them Our main character, Nyneve, is about to go through circumscription but she really doesn t want to be part of the army since her dad was one of the people burnt at the stake by the government.I liked the drawing style, it was ver...

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    I was intrigued by the concept of this book, with magic being gauged by the length of your hair It s a creative idea, and I liked how it was executed What I really liked about this book was the casual diversity Prill is a trans girl, but it s never explicitly stated There s lots of characters of different races and genders and sexualities This was really nicely done, especially in graphic novel format, because it s obviously quite visual The world building is great, even if the history was a bit hard to follow sometimes I liked all the characters Nyneve is likable and relatable The hair length magic did raise some questions, because doesn t all hair grow at the same rate Wouldn t everyone be equally powerful, then, if they just let their hair grow That question never gets answered I wasn t a fan of the art style, honestly, which is the main reason why I gave it 3 stars It s just a little too stylized for my personal taste However,...

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    from the author s note Tired of never seeing characters that looked like me, I decided to make a fantasy world where Asian characters and cultures especially those not usually explored in western media were at the front and center of the story I wanted, too, to write a story with relationsh...

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    free copy provided by NetGalley i loved this the illustrations are so pretty, the colors, the style, everything.i really enjoyed the plot ant it left me wanting .i liked how there s something to each character that makes them interesting even if we don ...

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    1,5 5 What started has an interesting piece of fantasy comic soon turn out to be or less a lot of causal talk between teenagers in a fantasy story Not enough action, not enough magic and in the end just not deliver what it had promised.

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