➭ Paper Girls, Vol. 6 Read ➵ Author Brian K. Vaughan – Diclofenac16.us

Paper Girls, Vol. 6 THE END IS HERE After Surviving Adventures In Their Past, Present And Future, The Paper Girls Of 1988 Embark On One Last Journey, A Five Part Epic That Includes The Emotional Double Sized Series Finale Featuring A New Wraparound Cover From Eisner Award Winning Co Creator CLIFF CHIANG, Which Can Be Combined With The Covers Of All Five Previous Volumes To Form One Complete Mega Image Collects PAPER GIRLS 26 30

➭ Paper Girls, Vol. 6  Read ➵ Author Brian K. Vaughan – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Paper Girls, Vol. 6
  • Brian K. Vaughan
  • 14 October 2017
  • 9781534313248

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    So, who are you Boy having his arm pinned by his back by Erin Tieng, in 1958 Cleveland, having traveled back there from someplace else, 1988 Still figuring that out Erin The amount of time we re given is irrelevant Erin We re not only paper girls, we re Okay, I m a little bit of a mess here And when I tell you I am crying as I type this, and also tell you I am a man in his seventh decade I invite you not to stereotype me or other people of my age, as hopefully you will get to my age and be at least somewhat like you are now I know that I would definitely have been reading the comics series Papergirls at sixteen if it had been available and feeling much the same Okay, my 16 year old self might have had to get his mind around the whole girl on girl kissing thing, maybe, but you know, maybe not At 18 my cis gendered straight self would get into a theater group encountering boys kissing boys, and I was not traumatized to see this.My wife s uncle that I loved very much died last night and that is part of my emotional landscape as I finish this powerful and sweet and sad series this morning You read when you read and that affects your memory of the book possibly permanently But oh, Brian Vaughn and the amazingly inventive Cliff Chiang and the amazing colorist Matt Wilson , you get me Maybe you just get humans What does it matter Life existed on this rock for less than a blink of the universe s eye, and somehow, against astronomical odds, you and I got to be part of it Man, for a terminal cancer patient, you re like a living Bobby McFerrin song That I mean both of those sentences, from both perspectives, the sentimental and the smart ass Augh And maybe all time travel films and books are always about nostalgia and the sweet sad passing of time Probably Because this last volume is all about love and friendship but also about time and that sweet sadness.Paper Girls, Volume 6, yes, completes the YA sci fi time travel series It features a cover with the four paper girls, and one of them an older self, tougher, determined, facing real challenges, not just Halloween spooks Like the possible loss of friendship and memory and the inevitability of death The next image is of a smashed pumpkin oh, good, just in time for Halloween This is where the first volume began, and it is a time travel series, so here it must end The next image is a two page spread of one of the girls holding a knife, the windows in the houses behind her bearing Halloween decorations When she is transported through time to her street before holding said knife , she is truly frightened by a Donald Trump mask heh.I won t tell you what happens, it would be too complicated to do that, but we begin the volume in multiple years that involve their own multiplying nostalgia effects via year appropriate references or, call it product placement, as the Stranger Things production crew knows has to happen in an eighties tribute, which this also very much is And we know from the last volume that all the girls are in different times and places, so we at one point for several pages read about them through a series of four panel pages where we see each of them in same time experiences.So I loved loved loved the finish, sort of because of and in spite of all the geeky reflection about how to deal with the fact of time travel and memory But here s some random stuff I also dug One of them says that time is degradable, like a cassette tape Ha I like all the references to Moonwalking, Walkmans, walkie talkies Yellow punch buggy where you punch someone when you see a yellow Volkwagon, though we called it slug bug and it was for any color Charlotte, to Jude Hey, Jude Our dreams are secret messages from our future oh, just go with it Tiffany You re not dead yet One of them talks about daylight savings time as time suspension travel You get to relive sixty minutes every year Mac, sitting on a rock far into the future, with the woman who invented time travel, as they both realize how it is they both may die, with the only thing that really matters to her at the moment I kissed a girl Because yeah, you are going to die, but at least you have this, and isn t that true The ultimate goal of the girls, ala every eighties kid film Peace on Earth, natch We ll see how that works out.Also its obviously about friendship, and since it s a YA texts set in the eighties It s like Mr T says, You gotta follow your dream Must read series One of the best YA series ever Ever Me, oh, I ll be all right, thanks, as long as I have books to comfort me.

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    this isn t actually my review of this vol since it doesn t come out until september but i just wanted to say one thing OMG LOOK AT MY GIRLS THEY ARE GOING TO ROCK THE FUTURE AND FIND A WAY TO GET BACK HOME, hopefully that is all, thanks for listening i think this is the last volume, i m sad now

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    A satisfying conclusion Loved it

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    this series was so enjoyable, in spite of its shaky start while it felt confusing at times, and while the amount of plot holes that exist because of all the time travel stuff take away from the plot s overall structure, i still loved it it was queer, it was sci fi, and it was a great homage to all things eighties.

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    An unexpected down to earth finale, along with heavy plot and one of the most weird and unique issues you ll ever read.

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    This was such a great finale to a series that ended up really growing on me While the beginning definitely wasn t my thing, and it took me a while to actually understand what was going on, I ended up loving this series a whole bunch I also just looved the colors and art style, especially as they went through all the eras one last time view spoiler I also found this to be the most fitting ending, as they finally managed to get back to their own time while also keeping the friendship or possibility of one intact While the ending has its melancholic caveats Mac is still going to die too young, Mac KJ don t remember their budding relationship, and all the fantastic stories and memories themselves are lost , it still carried the bright light of hope, that the friendship can reform I just really loved it hide spoiler

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    A strong ending to a phenomenal story The artwork and color palette is so distinctive and perfect for this time bending space adventure about elders and youth and really about friendship.Kind of heartbreaking and funny, it s a story I m glad ended in a way that makes sense.

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    Read as single issues Grand finalesad to see it endbut it was handled well and gave me the closure that I wanted.Its almost as if the series ended with a satisfied sigh rather than a big bang Which I am okay with.Thanks for the adventure, Paper Girls

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    I don t know this was interesting and the ending was cute but I still feel like I m not 100% sure what happened I have always been a bit unsure about this series than most people seem to be and I think it is one where I would have to reread the whole thing in a few days to really try to piece everything together and see if all the time travel plot pieces check out so to speak I like the characters and the art is great but I m just so picky about time travel so that s why I m still a bit on the fence.

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    Beautiful artwork and a fun plot but honestly the conclusion felt very underwhelming after such a strong build up To be fair, I spent most of the series confused and maybe reading the whole thing over before finishing it could have clarified some things for me, but I honestly don t think it would have done much Might revisit this later, but honestly I was kinda let down.

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