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Stage Dreams In This Rollicking Queer Western Adventure, Acclaimed Cartoonist Melanie Gillman Stonewall Award Honor Book As The Crow Flies Puts Readers In The Saddle Alongside Flor And Grace, A Latinx Outlaw And A Trans Runaway, As They Team Up To Thwart A Confederate Plot In The New Mexico Territory When Flor Also Known As The Notorious Ghost Hawk Robs The Stagecoach That Grace Has Used To Escape Her Georgia Home, The First Thing On Her Mind Is Ransom But When The Two Get To Talking About Flor S Plan To Crash A Confederate Gala And Steal Some Crucial Documents, Grace Convinces Flor To Let Her Join The Heist

[Download] ➵ Stage Dreams  ➾ Melanie Gillman – Diclofenac16.us
  • Hardcover
  • 104 pages
  • Stage Dreams
  • Melanie Gillman
  • 07 May 2019
  • 9781512440003

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    This was super quick and charming and I liked it a heckin ton My heart

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    my name is chandler ainsley and it has been 0 days since my last cryi really didn t expect an auto download graphic novel from netgalley to get me in my feelings but here we are.it s a hundred pages of wild western goodness with a trans woman main character and a POC woman main character and it was just so fucking cute no transphobia or homophobia AT ALL in here and the relationship that developed was just so damn cute.i went in to this with no expectations which i think enhanced my enjoyment of this it is VERY short so if you re looking for tons of character development or a slow burn romance you re going to be disappointed but if you re just looking for a f f good time this is fantastic HIGHLY recommend.

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    If you ve ever caught yourself thinking, Man, there really aren t enough queer AF westerns in the world, are there I have , let me tell you, Stage Dreams is everything you ve been looking for It follows the heist of a Native woman and her new captive turned friend, a lovely trans southern belle escaping her father s wishes that she join the Confederate army While the story takes place during the Civil War, not much of it actually focuses on that element primarily, we re here to watch two ladies break into a party, steal a map, and fall in love in the process It s cute, it s heartwarming, the art is lovely, and I enjoyed it so much Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    I read a few reviews for this graphic novel across the blogosphere and was interested in it, especially because I m always on the lookout for new discoveries And I don t think I ve ever read a western, so I decided to give it a try.As it s just 100 pages long, I didn t expect a lot of plot or character development, just something fun and it totally delivered on that aspect Grace is a trans southern belle running from her family because she doesn t wanna fight in the war and has dreams of her own, while Flor is the stylish queer Latinx outlaw who robs stagecoaches and wants to save money for a secure future Though Flor kidnaps Grace, they eventually settle on a plan to work together and what follows is a cute adventure of their own where they discover some truths about themselves and develop feelings in the process This story is hella cute and sweet, and so full of acceptance that it made me very happy The art style is also very unique, and while I didn t know anything about how colored pencil art would work for a graphic novel, it s perfect here The color palette and style feel very appropriate for the dry New Mexico setting, while also giving out a cutesy vibe And I especially loved the cotillion gowns Finally, I just wanna say that if you love westerns or queer graphic novels, you should definitely check this one out because it ll leave you with a big smile on your face Just go into it without any expectations and ready to have a rollicking time.

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    The ARC of this graphic novel was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Stage Dreams is a little western graphic novel set in New Mexico It s basically the story of Flor, a Latinx outlaw that everyone knows as Ghost Hawk, and Grace, a trans runaway The two girls crash a Confederate gala and steal an important map but the real plot of this book is the love story that blossoms between the main characters.The illustrations are in colored pencil and even though it s not my favorite I found them nice anyway I really wish there was to read, I found the book a bit too short.

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    A cutesy story about a trans person named Grace who s kidnapped by a Latin stage coach robber named Flor They eventually decide to rob some rich robber barons at a cotillion who are preparing to take the Civil War even Westward This is only the first volume and the main plot just starts as this ends Most of the book is prologue establishing the characters and their personalities As a cutesy, queer, historical romance, this works However, as a historical novel itself, people are way too accepting of both gay women and trans people for this to feel realistic That aspect of the book feels glossed over to keep the story positive The colored pencil art works very well for a Western Received a review copy from Lerner and NetGalley All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned.

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    Received Stage Dreams through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I picked up this graphic novel because of Chandler Ainsley on YouTube, and she made it sound so enticing and fun Which it definitely was Stage Dreams is a Western graphic novel set in New Mexico, featuring a wlw relationship and a main character who is trans I love that diversity rep Which is the main reason for my adoration of this book honestly The characters were definitely nice to read about but when a graphic novel takes twenty minutes to read as it s only 100 pages long, there isn t going to be much development in it You go in probably knowing that I do wonder if there will be added to the story, and I hope there is Generally it feels like it s left open and there isn t much of a plot.These two women meet after Ghost Hawk kidnaps her but then they go on an adventure together and then moves onto something cute and lovely I don t read much graphic novels so my review on them probably isn t great and doesn t have much in terms of content I did like the art, which were drawings rather than high en graphics I felt like it added something into the story though, it helped the atmosphere and made the book enjoyable I think if it were digitally created, it would have changed a lot of the graphic novel

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    This is READ NOW on Netgalley, even for international reviewers What an absolute delight of a graphic novel I found this on a list of queer releases for the second half of the year and when I went to Netgalley and saw that it was Read Now, I picked it up immediately and I don t regret it one bit.This is about a trans woman who gets kidnapped by a queer Latinx woman and the two end up working together It s really, really cute, both the art and story and while this style might not be my favourite, I thought it fit the story incredibly well.It was really lovely to read a story with two queer main characters in a Western adventure with there being absolutely no trans or homophobia On the contrary, even with the trans character being out to some people in the story, they didn t treat her any differently And guess what, it didn t read unrealistic in any way, it was just feelgood.I d highly recommend this wonderful graphic novel, it made me smile so much and I hope we get of these two

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    That s it Um okay Maybe there s going to be a sequel or something I sure hope so Because this is not a complete story at all While I appreciate the intent of this graphic novel, I m not sure it worked for me I had a similar issue with it that I did with Jen Wang s The Prince and the Dressmaker believability The issue isn t so much people believing Grace is a girl there are plenty of examples throughout history that show that it isn t impossible However, in this book, I felt like I had to suspend disbelief about the attitudes Lip service is paid to the difficulties trans people might have faced within their own families, mostly , but the ease with which everyone around Grace accepts her despite the fact that she s drawn with fairly male looking features in some parts of the book just doesn t seem right Like in The Prince and the Dressmaker, the reader seems to be expected to believe that historical attitudes toward trans and queer people were better accepting than they are today While I m sure there were some people who would accept folks just the way they were, I kind of doubt it was the norm and books like these seem to be glossing over what must ve been some difficult and potentially dangerous times for those with differing gender identities.The story what there was of it, anyway it seemed to end just as it was getting going is fine The illustrations are kind of neat, too They re done with coloured pencil, which gives everything a dreamy sort of look.I wouldn t mind reading another book about Flor and Grace if there s going to be one , because Stage Dreams didn t really satisfy my hankering for a good story I guess we ll see if the plot continues at some point Thank you to NetGalley and Graphic Universe for providing a digital ARC.

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    A queer western graphic novel is something I never knew I needed.What an adorable read In only one hundred pages, Gilman made me shed tears four times Stage Dreams follows the adventure pursued by trans southern belle captured by a heist pulling POC woman Saying any than that would spoil this beautiful story so go ahead and read it The illustration is visually stunning There is no transphobia or homophobia present, and in all honesty reading this gave me hope for a future where we accept those as they are The only reason this is not a five star read for me is that it seems slightly rushed I am hoping for a sequel in the future I will definitely be purchasing upon release date.ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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