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Stolen Things A Sensational Crime, A Missing Teen, And A Mother And Daughter With No One To Trust But Themselves Come Together In This Shocking Debut Thriller By R H HerronMama Help Me Laurie Ahmadi Has Worked As A Police Dispatcher In Her Quiet Northern California Town For Nearly Two Decades She Considers The Department Her Family Her Husband, Omid, Is Its First Arab American Chief, And Their Teenaged Daughter, Jojo, Has Grown Up With The Force So When Laurie Catches A Call And, To Her Horror, It S Jojo, The Whole Department Springs Into ActionJojo, Drugged, Disoriented, And In Pain, Doesn T Remember How She Ended Up At The Home Of Kevin Leeds, A Pro Football Player Famous For His On The Field Activism And His Work With The CapB Citizens Against Police Brutality Movement She Doesn T Know What Happened To Kevin S Friend And Trainer, Whose Beaten Corpse Is Also Discovered In The House And She Has No Idea Where Her Best Friend Harper, Who Was With Her Earlier In The Evening, Could BeBut When Jojo Begins To Dive Into Harper S Social Media To Look For Clues To Her Whereabouts, Jojo Uncovers A Shocking Secret That Turns Everything She Knew About Harper And The Police Department On Its Head With Everything They Thought They Could Rely On In Question, Laurie And Jojo Begin To Realize That They Can T Trust Anyone To Find Harper Except Themselves And Time Is Running Out

[ PDF ] ✅ Stolen Things  Author R.H. Herron – Diclofenac16.us
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Stolen Things
  • R.H. Herron
  • English
  • 02 February 2019
  • 9781524744908

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    So, let me start out by saying I read A LOT of psychological thrillers and suspense novels It s my favorite genre what can I say Stolen Things definitely starts out with a bang with that action Let me tell you You re definitely kept on your toes from the start There is a lot going on in this novel The author brings up a lot of sensitive topics murder, rape, police brutality, race issues, and class I feel like the story dragged on to much in my opinion after the initial beginning It was fantastic that is started off at a bang but then it just stopped being interesting I also felt that the author s beliefs towards the major topics as mentioned above were laid on a tad bit thick for me I can handle a lot going on in a novel but I don t particularly like to read a book where you can DEFINITElY see the author s beliefs on the issues that are being discussed.Overall, 3 stars.Thank you to Dutton and Netgalley for the arc in exchange for an honest review.Pub day 8 20 19Published to Goodreads 6 3 19

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    For nearly two decades, Laurie has worked as a 911 dispatcher Her worst nightmare suddenly becomes a reality when she gets a 911 call from her 16 year old daughter, Jojo, who has no idea where she is and what happened to her The last thing she remembers is hanging out with a friend of hers Kevin Leeds a much older, pro football player that Laurie had no idea about Laurie s husband, Omid, is Chief of Police and is the first to arrive at Leeds home where they find traumatized Jojo Since Jojo has no recollection of what happened, Omid is forced to rely on what s in front of them to tell them what happened They discover a dead body a young man named Zach in the closet and Kevin downstairs, claiming to not know what happened Jojo is wondering where her best friend, Harper, is since her last memory is of them being together Omid and Laurie don t think that things could be any worse, but when Jojo s rape kit comes back positive, they are proven wrong They re thrown for a loop because Jojo never mentioned Zach or Kevin and she hasn t hung out with Harper for over two years It s becoming apparent that Omid and Laurie don t know their little girl as well as they thought they did And when Harper appears missing from her bedroom, the PD not only have a murder and rape case on their hands, but a missing person, too But Laurie and Jojo discover that the department is not as clean as they want to appear Something isn t right and they need to figure out the truth for themselves If they don t put the dots together fast, they may not be able to save HarperStolen Things is R.H Herron s premiere novel A crime mystery set in our current social climate, told through the perspectives of mom and daughter Laurie and Jojo This story takes place in Northern California, so I felt drawn to it initially But I felt the story wasn t compelling and dragged on I appreciated the subject matter, but felt the ideals of the author were laid on a little too thick for my liking I don t think I d be interested in reading anything else by this author 2.5 5 stars Thank you to Edelweiss, Dutton and R.H Herron for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    ARC approved Thank you to Dutton via Netgalley for an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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    4 stars Fantastic debut I loved the two pov s and they they are told from the mother and the daughter.I loved the diversity in the cast.There were some twists that I saw coming early, but it didn t detract from the overall enjoyment because I was invested in the characters.Cant wait to see from this author.

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    My review of Stolen Things by R.H Heron5 5 stars I was just granted a wish to read this book 7 hours ago and I read it in one setting This is most definitely a 5 star read This book was superb Action packed from the very first page with scenes that knock you out of your seat You ll feel as if you re at the movies while reading this I simply couldn t put this book down I kept wanting to know who had hurt Laurie s 16 year old daughter, JoJo, and who had kidnapped JoJo s best friend, Harper All of the mystery surrounding the could be crooked bad cops that Laurie and her husband Omid worked with kept me intrigued and turning the page And not to mention JoJo s secret life and the activist group, CapB, she s been involved with I haven t read a book this fast in ages Everytime I thought I had the perpetrator figured out, another clue would be thrown in and I ll have to go right back to the drawing board to figure things out Towards the end I did have a very good inkling as to who was behind all of the crimes and drama It turns out that I had pegged one of the perpetrators right all along This book discusses race, homosexuality, current political views involving racial police brutality, teenage love, rape, murder and so much There are some pretty graphic scenes involved This has been the absolutely best thriller I ve read all year and I ll definitely be recommending this book to others Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this amazing and literary satisfying story Kudos to the author for creating this masterpiece.

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    While well written for the most part, it will really take many out of their comfort zones The authors bio at the end literally ruined a book I was kindly given a net galley arc to read As it appears, this pseudonym person is totally against police even having worked for them Quite a shame because except for certain things I chose to overlook in the book, it was worthy of higher praise but I don t believe political views need to be used

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    Laurie is a 911 dispatcher who generally enjoys her job, until the night she answers a call from her own daughter Jojo has been drugged, and raped, while someone else in the house slept, and the other one was killed Jojo can t remember anything that happened or how she ended up in Kevin s house Kevin is immediately arrested, but Jojo s friend Harper is still missing Jojo starts a deep dive into Harpers social media and discovers that Harpers life, and the lives of the cops that work for her father, are not at all what they seemed.Holy psychopath I really can t say much without giving anything away This book does have some trigger warnings sexual assault, kidnapping, police brutality Overall this book kept me hooked I wanted to know what had happened to Jojo, and Harper, plus why Harper was spending her time with all these much older men Laurie and Jojo were both pretty badass which I loved Thank you netgalley and Dutton books for allowing me to read and review this book in advance

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this novel that was part mystery, part thriller, and all parts relevant As a 911 dispatcher, Laurie get a call that all parents fear her sixteen year old daughter, Jojo awakens in a strange bed and suspects she s been roofied and raped Police chief father, Omid responds and Jojo is found but there s a dead man in the room next to her and it s later discovered that her best friend Harper who was with her that night is missing So many unanswered questions, made even complicated by the fact that Jojo, of course, lied about where she was going that night and now remembers very little of what happened Adding to the suspense are the secret meetings she and Harper were attending in support of the Black Lives Matter movement The plot is based on the author s real life experience as a dispatcher, and so while the events seem wild, they also appear realistic as they expose corruption and prejudice in society.Thanks to NetGalley and Dutton for granting my wish

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    A can t put down, woke thriller with a great cast of characters.

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    We start the book with Jojo, a bit of a rebellious teen who s keeping secrets Her father, Omid, is a police officer, her mother Laurie, a 911 dispatcher They work a lot of hours which leaves Jojo with a lot of free time Laurie s deepest fears are realized when it s her daughter s voice on the other end of the 911 line The hunt for her daughter doesn t go on long, but when she is found, she isn t alone NFL star Kevin is in the house asleep and there s a dead body not too far from where Jojo is found She s been drugged and raped, and Kevin is the prime suspect But that would be too easy to end there There are multiple suspects and you can t trust anyone, especially the police But now Jojo s friend Harper is missing Her parents didn t even know that they were hanging out again They stopped being friends two years ago Multiple secrets keep coming to light The story is told through Laurie and Jojo so it s nice to get alternating perspectives because Jojo is the one holding a lot of the secrets There was one major thing that kept this from being a 5 star read for me Laurie had just gone through something major, and her co worker Sarah declares I think you have some kind of PTSD I m not sure what she means by some kind , and I would think that anyone in the police department would know that you don t get diagnosed for PTSD in 3 days In fact, you have to have been suffering for 6 months before you can be diagnosed with it Could she be suffering post traumatic stress Sure, but not post traumatic stress disorder The author then goes on to write Laurie having a conversation about PTSD, in which she says to herself If she was going crazy, she wanted to know about it Which for me implies that people with PTSD are crazy As a sufferer with PTSD, I appreciate it when authors include that in their books, but not so poorly, and not so offensively It would be nice if the author took all of that out of the book completely.Aside from the issue I have above, Stolen Things was very well written, once the action started, it was non stop, and once the secrets started to come to light, there were of them at every turn There was a constant stream of situations to keep the reader occupied When Laurie felt she got one thing resolved, another popped up It was a quick, non stop action mystery thriller.

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