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The Revolution of Birdie RandolphPerfect For Fans Of Nina LaCour And Nicola Yoon Comes A Novel About First Love And Family Secrets From Stonewall Book Award Winner Brandy ColbertDove Birdie Randolph Works Hard To Be The Perfect Daughter And Follow The Path Her Parents Have Laid Out For Her She Quit Playing Her Beloved Soccer, She Keeps Her Nose Buried In Textbooks, And She S On Track To Finish High School At The Top Of Her Class But Then Birdie Falls Hard For Booker, A Sweet Boy With A Troubled Pastwhom She Knows Her Parents Will Never Approve OfWhen Her Estranged Aunt Carlene Returns To Chicago And Moves Into The Family S Apartment Above Their Hair Salon, Birdie Notices The Tension Building At Home Carlene Is Sweet, Friendly, And Open Minded She S Also Spent Decades In And Out Of Treatment Facilities For Addiction As Birdie Becomes Closer To Both Booker And Carlene, She Yearns To Spread Her Wings But When Long Buried Secrets Rise To The Surface, Everything She S Known To Be True Is Turned Upside Down

[Download] ✤ The Revolution of Birdie Randolph ➸ Brandy Colbert – Diclofenac16.us
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • The Revolution of Birdie Randolph
  • Brandy Colbert
  • English
  • 03 August 2019
  • 9780316448567

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    I finished this a few days ago and the I think about this book, the I appreciate all of the things the author managed to do with the story At first it seems like a fairly simple story but in reality there s a lot going on here Sixteen year old Dove Birdie Randolph has always tried to live up to her parents expectations She studies hard and gets good grades and follows the rules they have set in place for her Well kinda Even though her parents insist they meet any boy she wants to date, Birdie so far has been keeping quiet about her new boyfriend, Booker She knows her parents won t approve of his troubled past Birdie s estranged aunt, Carlene, is staying with the family after just getting out of rehab Even though there is some tension among Carlene and Birdie s parents, Birdie has been developing a close relationship with her aunt Birdie wants to be in control of her life rather than her parents, and begins testing the waters and making choices she knows her parents won t approve of But then a long held secret comes to light that is going to rock her world.I don t read YA fiction all that often when compared to other genres but I found the book cover for this so visually stunning, I knew I just had to make time for this one And I m so glad I did because it s a good reminder that stories about teenagers can be just as compelling and interesting as those about adults This was a quick read and I wouldn t say the writing is overly descriptive, but it s well worth reading because it s a book with substance I don t want to elaborate much further than that because I don t like giving spoilers in my reviews Just trust me when I say the author did a good job exploring many issues that are relevant to not just teenagers but adults as well And what I liked is there was a good combination of subjects explored in depth and some that were just briefly touched upon It didn t feel like the author was trying to cram in so much stuff that it overwhelmed the story There s a diverse cast of characters and even though Birdie is the star of the show, I thought her family and friends had depth and were intriguing characters as well If the author ever wanted to do a spin off book featuring any of the teenage characters or Birdie s older sister, I would definitely be interested in reading it Definitely recommend especially if you love YA fiction.I was sent an advance copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    I don t think Brandy Colbert needs a comparison to stand out, as she s proven herself a voice in YA But the ARC compares her to Nicola Yoon and Nina LaCour and I d absolutely agree this is a quieter book a la Nina LaCour that takes on family and relationships in realistic teen ways both LaCour and Yoon The romance in this one definitely has the Yoon effect to it This is a book about following the rules and breaking them, but even than that, it s a book about the family we re born into and the families that we make along the way Birdie s aunt shows up at their apartment right before the summer begins, and that s when everything changes it s at this same time Birdie is secretly dating a boy she knows her very strict, proper parents wouldn t like Despite never pushing boundaries before, these two new people in her life encourage her to take some chances and learn some lessons she never would have on her own Colbert depicts Carlene s alcoholism with tenderness and offers up the whole range of emotions people experience both as those who are addicts and those who are friends and family of addicts There is support, but there is also caution exercised around Carlene that showcase hope for her to find recovery but also experience in knowing that this is a disease that is challenging to manage The Chicago setting is, no surprise, spot on I started reading this in a hotel just a block from the Civic Opera House, which plays a tiny role in the story Other Chicagonalia include Portillo s, Montrose Beach, the L including above and below ground talk , the way Chicagoans live for those four perfect days a year, and It s vibrant and real, and isn t also afraid to highlight the racial challenges within the city, in terms of violence, racism, and bigotry, and the places and spaces where those do and don t overlap Also handled really fabulously is anger and anger management, recovery from trauma and what that does and doesn t look like, and it offers such a refreshing perspective on teens, especially teens of color, who ve been in the juvenile justice system Birdie s best friend is half black and half Latinx, while her ex boyfriend view spoiler this is just a spoiler because it s so pre pub is asexual hide spoiler

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    Brandy Colbert stays very, very, very good at what she does.

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    4.5 stars I finished this book last night and I m still a bit stunned The Revolution of Birdie Randolph is such a quietly beautiful and powerful story, written with a level of finesse and nuance that is frankly quite enviable for those of us with writing aspirations.Birdie is an interesting, relatable character She s the kind of person you can see yourself as or that you d want to be friends with And this is HER story The title has it exactly right this story is about a revolution, but it s one that takes place internally This is a story of identity, of teenage struggles, of family It s the story of a black girl in Chicago learning who she is, what she wants, and who she wants to be.There s something refreshing about picking up a story like this one that s narrowly focused on one character and the people in her life I zipped through it I found myself so invested in Birdie far than I usually am in any character, and I wanted so badly for everything to go right for her Her frustrations became mine and she felt so real to me that it s still a bit hard to believe Birdie and everyone she knows exist only between the pages of a book My only word of caution would be to anyone expecting the plot to blow them away I enjoyed every moment of the story there were no slow points and I think the simpler plot fits the story wonderfully, but it wasn t earth shattering.I highly, highly recommend this book to anyone interested in diverse read with quiet intensity, own voices YA lit, character driven stories that make you think, and second chances.Free advanced copy provided by TheNOVL in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.

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    This is my first time reading a full length novel by Brandy Colbert and I am truly impressed with her writing I have read short stories in anthologies by this author which I enjoyed but this book was next level We are introduced to Dove aka Birdie who is struggling with being the perfect daughter but also wants to enjoy being a teen While reading I would think back on my teenage days How you want to please your parents and do as they say but you also want to do things your own way and make mistakes along the way Throughout this story there are some twists and turns that I wasn t expecting and it made my jaw drop At the end of the day we all make mistakes and no one is perfect This was a well written coming of age story about discovering yourself, carving your own path, redemption and forgiveness I loved the diversity of the characters as well I wish I had books like these when I was growing up I will be making it my business to read Colbert s backlog and see what I have been missing all these years I received a review copy from publisher via Vine.

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    Me sees cover I think I should add to TBR Brain why Me pretty cover Brain good idea

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    Birdie has always been a good daughter She works hard in school, she s responsible She listens to her parents even when it s hard like when she had to give up soccer to focus on her classes and college prep.But it s hard to balance being a good daughter with dating Booker the new boy in her life Birdie s parents would never approve of Booker with his bad reputation and his juvenile record Rather than upset her parents Birdie does what seems like the best thing for everyone she decides to keep Booker a secret for as long as possible.Then there s her estranged aunt Carlene who is back in Chicago, and Birdie s life, after years of struggling with substance abuse Birdie barely remembers her aunt but she s eager to reconnect now especially when Carlene seems willing to listen to Birdie in a way her mother hasn t for years As Birdie grows closer to Carlene and to Booker, the secrets mount When Birdie finds out that she isn t the only one who s been keeping secrets everything she thought she knew about her family will be thrown into question in The Revolution of Birdie Randolph 2019 by Brandy Colbert.Colbert s latest standalone is an introspective novel about family, secrets, and what it means to be true to yourself Birdie is an open and honest narrator struggling with how to balance what she wants with what her parents expect of her Her story unfolds across a vibrantly described Chicago that is immediately evocative.Typical stressors of school and college prep are amplified as Birdie finds herself keeping and secrets as she tries to spend time with Booker Their sweet and new romance is tempered by the knowledge that they ll soon have to figure out how far their relationship can go if it can go anywhere at all, in fact while contending with disapproving parents on both sides Birdie faces a similar push and pull with her aunt who soon becomes a confidant despite the strain it causes with her parents.In a lot of ways, The Revolution of Birdie Randolph is a story about decisions The course of Birdie s life up to this point has been shaped by decisions her parents, and even her aunt, have made As Birdie begins to understand the ramifications of those choices, she has to decide for herself how to move forward But luckily for her, and readers, she has a lot of support along the way.The Revolution of Birdie Randolph is a smart, nuanced story about learning to be true to yourself even when the truth about your past might not be what you expect Come for the swoony romance, stay for the authentic intersectional identities, complex relationships, and memorable characters Highly recommended.Possible Pairings Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake, Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum, Past Perfect Life by Elizabeth Eulberg, I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L S nchez, Windfall by Jennifer E Smith, How to Save a Life by Sarah Zarr

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    This cover is enough for me to give the book five starts already.

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    I enjoyed this book a lot It s a relatively quick read of only 325 pages I read this as an ARC so changes could definitely be made before it s published in August I was very appreciative of the character diversity There are a significant number of characters who are POC There is a lot of diversity in their sexuality as well I love seeing books that normalize that and Brandy Colbert did a great job of talking about current issues while tying it to a fascinating story I also appreciated the small bits of symbolism that she included subtly Alcohol, some sexual content and swearing.

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    While this is a super quick read, it is one that will stick with you long after you put the book down There are some heavy and serious topics covered in the most beautiful way I cannot wait to write my review HUGE thanks to The Novl Little Brown FYR for the advance copy in exchange for my honest review

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