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The Wall Between Us An Original And Personal Look At The Enduring Israel Palestine Conflict Which Explores What Occupation Feels Like, How It Manifests, And, Above All, Why It Persists Writer Matthew Small Traveled To The Holy Land To Further His Understanding Of The Enduring Conflict Between Israel And Palestine While There, He Discovered Beauty, Fear, And Suffering Like Nowhere Else In The World In These Honest And Evocative Reflections, Small Retells His Experiences Of Crossing Into The West Bank To Work The Olive Harvest With Palestinian Farmers He Relates His Encounters With Organizations That Are Determinedly Working To Sow The Seeds Of Peace In Soils That Are Deeply Scarred By Suffering And War While Reliving These Unforgettable Experiences, Through His Writing He Struggles To Find Why The Wall Between These Two Groups Of People Exists Deciding To Join A Group Of International And Israeli Volunteers, Small Attempts To Show That, Despite The Ongoing Occupation, Peace Is Not Lost, But To Be Discovered

➼ The Wall Between Us  Free ➲ Author Matthew Small – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Wall Between Us
  • Matthew Small
  • 18 December 2019
  • 9781910266304

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    The author diarises his trip to the Holy Lands touching both Palestinian and Israeli territory and reports on the various meetings that he had with people during his trip.This is a very short documentary account of the author s trip and enables him to visit tourist sites as well as seeing some of the real parts of the Holy Lands The opinions formed reflect the unfairness of the whole Arab Israeli problem and the dispute between Hamas and Israel which has been rumbling away in one way or another since 1948 I feel that this only scratches the surface of what lies behind the conflict, but as an account of the author s trip, ...

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    Matthew Small is a fiction writer and freelance journalist He has won a number of awards during the last few years His story Lake View won him first place in the Countryside Tales annual short story competition in 2011 In 2012, he was shortlisted for the Luke Bitmead Bursary in association with Legend Press During 2012 he embarked on a trip to the Holy Land resulting in the present book, The Wall Between Us.This work of non fiction presents a distinctive and open minded look at the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis Seen through the eyes of a twenty eight years old...

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    This book is insightful, small gives detailed accounts of the lives affected by occupation Some Touching stories of loss.

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    I was sent this book as a Goodreads Giveaway unfortunately the birth of my second child part way through reading it caused me to read somewhat slower than normal even though it is quite a short book.I have mixed feelings about this book there s something about the writing that I don t like, yet the subject is truly fascinating.I think the author is one of those people who I would find somewhat annoying if I met face to face Never does he try and force his own opinions down your throat in the manner of some hard line evangelists indeed I m not even sure having read the book that I truly understand his own personal beliefs It s just that there s something about it which I found annoying There are also several issues of poor editing which didn t help Once you put the voice of the author out of your mind, however, and concentrated on what was being said it was a very interesting book The Israeli Palestinian conflict is something I ve only ever been aware of on the periphery and never really understood The book doesn t give the full in depth history of how it all came about, and to be ho...

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    When Matthew Small travelled to the Holy Land to try to understand what the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians was all about, he soon realised how complex the situation is The fear and suspicion between the two sides seem too deeply entrenched for there to ever be a solution But he became convinced that the struggle for peace must go on and he met with and talked to people from some of the organisations that are doing what they can to find a solution This book is his account of his time in this most troubled of regions and a succinct, open minded and compassionate exploration of what it s like to live in the area today With honesty and insight he reflects on his time there, and relates his thoughts and feelings with great humanity Heart breaking, as is any account of life for the Palestinians, the book is a clear exposition of the history and current state of the conflict, and will be of enormous interest to anyone who wants to learn I wa...

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    However absurd it is, it is a truth that there has been a war going on everyday for few people in the Middle East and seems like this is not ending anytime soon I have been reading a lot about the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, the reasons behind it and what can be done to achieve peace This book has helped me a lot to understand what the current scenario is and what is being done to improve it It helps when a book is w...

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    I was looking forward to reading this book, as i am very interested in the Israeli Palestinian situation I very much enjoyed the parts of the book where the writer spent time with the Palestinian farmers and would have liked to know much about their way of life The writer showed great empathy with the Palestinians, and i had not realised how awful their lives were being made by the state of Israel it is much w...

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    The Wall Between Us by Matthew Small is a wonderful travel journey with deep and thoughtful, personal impressions by the author It is neither political nor judgemental but approaches the subject from a human and very personal perspective It is a good attempt at making people understand the complexity of the situation by describing the lives of people affected by the conflict An eye opener and an important contribution without a lecture or a claim to have a solut...

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    I am constantly fascinated by struggles in the middle east This is a perfect little book to help me understand .

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