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Underworld UnleashedIn A Classic Tale Of Temptation And Duplicity, Neron, A Demon From Hell, Assembles The Villains Of The Universe And Offers Them Their Heart S Desire In Exchange For Their Souls As Each Criminal Individually Accepts The Damned Bargain, The Heroes Of Earth Are Suddenly Overpowered And Easily Defeated By Their Evil Adversaries But The Augmented Villains Soon Learn The Horrible Price They Must Pay As Neron Uses His Unwitting Pawns In An Attempt To Take Over The Entire Universe Now With Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash And The Rest Of The Heroes Of The World Helpless, The Fate Of All Existence Rests On The Shoulders Of The Trickster, The One Man Who Might Outdeal The Devil.

[Read] ➼ Underworld Unleashed ➹ Mark Waid – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Underworld Unleashed
  • Mark Waid
  • English
  • 02 September 2019
  • 9781563894473

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    As I continue my read of TPBs collecting DCU s event series I found myself liking the concept of Underworld Unleashed than I remembered While it still depends too much on the tie in issues all but one left out of this trade the core concept of upgrading villains by having them make a deal with a devil works True, it is not a wholly original idea but a good one Mark Waid adds...

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    It was Mark Waid s name that caught my eye when I found this in the 5 bin I d heard of this forgotten mid 90 s crossover but never read it I wasn t reading much at that time , so what the hell Heh, Hell indeed Underworld Unleashed is a standard boilerplate crossover that centers on Neron basically DC s Satan, or Mephisto if we re doing Marvel comparisons , who s offering new powers and wishes come true to the baddest villains in DC in exchange for their souls, all as part of his complex plan to plunge the world into unending evil y know, standard stuff Mark Waid is one of the most revered writers in the industry, especially for his DC work, and he does not disappoint, while Howard Porter s art makes for an excellent warm up for when he took the reigns on the JLA book a couple years later This collect...

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    This doesn t hold up well at all This is a good introduction to the character of Neron but the story was all over the map and this collection was a train wreck Waid and Porter are comics heavyweights but this ...

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    I really liked this story I might be slightly biased, I m a big fan of Mark Waid s writing Some of the tie ins are a bit hit or miss but Waid s core story is pretty awesome Bonus at how much of it s from Trickster s point of view.

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    I love Mark Waid s writing, and the art here is mostly lovely, but the package just doesn t quite work Besides the long middle piece, not written by Waid, which completely disrupts the flow of the rest of the story, this doesn t read like a mega crossover Instead, it s a very...

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    It was nice to see that not only the villains had taken Neron up on his deal I have always enjoyed Mark Waid s stories, and of course my love of comics doesn t hurt It was nice to see our heros be offered there dreams by the for a better word devil, and then have to defeat him I m going to have to ...

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