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Summer HouseO Novo Livro De Nancy Thayer O Livro Perfeito Para Ler Beira Mar Luminoso, Comovente, Terno E Inspirador, A Casa Dos Dias Felizes Tem Nas Suas P Ginas A Ess Ncia Do Ver O Dias Intermin Veis E Verdadeiramente Felizes Centrado Na Hist Ria De Tr S Mulheres Em Busca Da Sua Pr Pria Felicidade, O Novo Livro De Nancy Thayer Prova Que Poss Vel Estreitar La Os, Mesmo Quando Tudo Parece Perdido Juntando Tr S Gera Es De Mulheres Fortes, Cada Qual Debatendo Se Com Decis Es Cruciais, A Casa Dos Dias Felizes Mostra Nos Que, Independentemente Dos Caminhos Por Onde A Vida Nos Conduz, O Amor Arranja Sempre Forma De Nos Guiar At Casa.

[PDF / Epub] ✪ Summer House ☆ Nancy Thayer – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Summer House
  • Nancy Thayer
  • Portuguese
  • 09 June 2019
  • 9789899711693

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    I got this book for free at a shopping event in New York I figured I d give it a shot First off, what does an author need to do to get some decent editors I mean, seriously This woman has written how many books and her publisher can t hire people who know how to copy edit Typos GALORE in this book Very distracting Also distracting, the fact that the book takes place in present day but for some reason all the dialogue feels as though it was written in 1925 in England Very upper crusty and how do you do, old chap Blah There are some interesting plot twists in this book but then there are plot twists that by the time I learned of them, I could hardly care less I thought, Why even bring this up now And for some reason some of the characters are a little too anti German or perhaps the author is and she decided to channel it through this book I m GERMAN NOOO Uh...

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    I listened to this book and it was hard to get into at first There were so many different characters it was very hard to keep track of who was who I almost gave up on the book But I m glad I didn t This is a really good book about family dynamics and how families have lots of secrets Not al...

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    The traditions of Boston Brahmin life on Beacon Hill and Nantucket, the access to education, career and life style, set the framework for this novel While there are a number of extended family members who revere the inherent code of this life, a handful have not Thus, it is their story, the 90 year old matriarch, 60 year old daughter in law and 30 year old granddaughter who face life changing challenges and find their way through them.The grandmother s memories of her post Radcliffe life in Boston in the early 1940 s meeting, marrying, and then following her husband stationed in post war Germany in 1945 served to reveal her many strengths that supported and inspired her family They also revealed details of the work that was available to bright, college educated women, very different from the factory work that readers are perhaps familiar with, and made the devastation and suffering of German families after the war ended immediate While...

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    I read most of this multigenerational narrative, and initially felt it had the makings of a great summer read Sadly, I just couldn t get through it I found the switching between the grandmother, mother, and granddaughter s perspectives to be clunky The secondary characters were flat maybe they rounded out a bit in the final quarter of the novel, but they came off as too black and white The book doesn t have a particularly good or original story, lacks compelling characters, and offers little if any profound insight or ideas The writing is so so, any humor is negligible, and I just couldn t grab hold of any aspect of the book to carry me through to the end I can t believe this book made it onto the New York Times list of recommended summer reading I thought it was bland Trite Blech It doesn t have the I know this is bad for me but it s so fun to read potency of good chick lit And it doesn t have the gravi...

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    Originally posted on novel Summer House follows three generations of strong willed Wheelwright women as they wrestle with decisions that will change their lives The story starts off with the youngest of the three generations Charlotte Wheelwright has always wanted to impress her father and make him proud, but so far she feels she has failed Charlotte did not enjoy the family business of banking, and has spent much of her adult life afloat, hopping from one place to the next Ashamed and punishing herself for her most recent mistake, Charlotte takes of to Nantucket Island and the family summer home in search of answers What she finds is a passion for gardening and a love she never expected Helen Wheelwright is the mother of Charlotte and a Wheelwright by marriage Helen has spent her married life doing things the Wheelwright way and putting aside some of the things she loves, for her husbands family When Helen discovers a deep betrayal she is heavy hearted and forced to face her deepest fears She is confronted with her sense of self and what she wants out of life, a decision that could drastically change her life as she knows it Nona, Anne Wheelwright, celebrates her ninetieth birthday and is confronted with memories of her past along with the state of her family in the present As she wrestles with these memories, she will be forced to reveal a shocking family secret that will change everyone s outlook on life and family The novel confronts the s...

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    With a title like Summer House, this book could be just an ordinary beach read But Nancy Thayer has transformed this story from light to deep in her multi layered family drama.The Wheelwrights of Boston, with an ancestral summer home on Nantucket, have traditions and a legacy many who have married into the family have striven to live up to both with some difficulty From the current matriarch Anne Nona down to the contemporary Wheelwrights, there are expectations and disappointments aplenty And the bank that has sustained the family and employs family members is an institution in and of itself.We follow the family members as they move from Boston to Nantucket and back again over the summer months Interspersed within these pages is Anne s story, alternating with the current family saga gradually we come to learn about secrets and betrayal that will impact the family for years to come.Worth and Grace are the children of Anne and Herb who is deceased they compete and struggle to live up to the family traditions Grace s husband Kellogg works in the bank, along with Worth However, Worth s children have all declined to join in this family business, and Helen, Worth s wife, supports their children s individuality Worth has difficulty with their children s decisions.I...

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    A nice summer read about a dysfunctional family with a lot of family drama Told from the perspectives of three characters, Nona Anne the 90 year old matriarch Helen, her daughter in law and Charlotte, her 30 year old granddaughter Each brings something special to the family, and each has her secrets All the characters are wonderfully ...

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    At first it was challenging keeping so many characters straight, but it was worth it Lots of twists and turns A good Summer read.

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    I have enjoyed Nancy Thayer in the past, but this book was just plain boring Could hardly wait to finish it up All selfish characters, and I didn t enjoy any of them I found myself not caring what happened to any of them after about 50 pages.

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    A great story with a lot of family drama A story about a very enmeshed family with secrets, betrayal, jealousy, but also unconditional love and forgiveness An entertaining read for sure.

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