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Fighting Fate (The Dojo Chronicles, #2) Jesse Mohr Longs To Reunite His Adoptive Mother, Reed, With Her Child She Gave Up For Adoption Years Ago Taryn Campbell Is About To Embark On The Expedition Of A Lifetime, Trying To Decipher The Cryptic Archaeological Clues Left To Her By Her Now Deceased Father When Taryn Learns Her True Identity, Will She Accept It Or Fight Her Fate

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    Review for Book Girl of Mur y Castell Looks around corner Hi guys Remember me I used to review her regularly and then went all gypsy and started travelling Then there were ringers, beach bums, cowboys, knights and oh, I sorta, might have, you know, forgotten about reviewing for B But I m back now and I m here to tell you all about Leigh Morgan s Fighting Fate a story that is really underappreciated if I judge the lack of buzz out there It has such a pretty cover too Fighting Fate is book two in the Dojo Chronicles I reviewed Sparring Partners back in 2010 and was pleasantly surprised by how good the story was Like with Sparring Partners, Fighting Fate was a breath of fresh air That s saying something because I can t remember the last time I read a m f romance book and liked it That might actually have been a book reviewed for B Back to the book Fighting Fate focusses on Jesse Mohr, who is on a quest and Taryn Campbell who is the quest and not in the way you think Though, the start of the book had me doubting that, because it starts out pretty creepy on Jesse s part Luckily that picks up soon Jesse is on a quest to find the long lost child of his adoptive mother, a child given up for adoption Taryn is that child But Taryn doesn t want to be found and isn t all that sure she wants to meet her mother At first glance this seems like a pretty straightforward romance with some angst and some drama, but there is much ...

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    Contemporary romance with protected sex that turns into a paranormal This is the 2nd of the Dojo Chronicles series It s 12 years after the 1st book Jesse is making his move on Taryn, the daughter Reed gave up for adoption when she was 15 I liked Jesse, but Taryn She s a mess We re supposed to believe she s so great Intelligent, brave, ect Unfortunately, her attitude flips on a dime One minute she loves Jesse, will do anything for him Then, she backs off No wonder poor Jesse s so frustrated I couldn t get a good line on her I just couldn t warm up to her I wanted to give this story 4 stars The thing is, ML is a good writer Her dialogue flows well, but her story is disjointed We jump from one place to another I m getting reader whiplash There s 3 separate romances going on Jesse Taryn, who are the main event Shay Mari, who I feel frustrated that we aren t getting the whole story Mari s dad Taryn s adopted mom, who we get nothing but hints I feel this ...

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    A colorful cast of characters, moments of action, mystic those are the things that this book has in spades However, not all of those things are fully utilized Read full review in the

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    I liked it but didnt really know what to think about the whole supernatural tie in but will definetly read the next one when it comes out.

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