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Letter from a StrangerJustine Nolan Uma Mulher De Sucesso Com Uma Carreira Art Stica Fulgurante Mas As Mem Rias Que Guarda Com Mais Carinho Remontam Sua Inf Ncia, Um Tempo Que Recorda Como M Gico De Visita A Casa Da M E, Justine Abre Inadvertidamente Uma Carta Que Vai Mudar Tudo O Que Ela Julgava Saber Sobre A Sua Fam Lia E At Sobre Si Pr Pria As Revela Es S O T O Chocantes Que A Jovem Pede A Ajuda E O Conforto De Richard, O Seu Irm O G Meo Juntos, Resolvem Descobrir A Verdade Custe O Que Custar Mas Para O Fazer, Ela Ter De Viajar At Istambul A Vibrante E Sedutora Cidade Onde Se Cruzam Ocidente E Oriente Um Lugar Com Os Seus Pr Prios Segredos E Cujo Magnetismo Aproxima Justine De Um Homem Fascinante Que Parece Saber Mais Do Que Aquilo Que Est Disposto A Revelar E Quando Os Enigmas Ocultos Durante D Cadas Pareciam Finalmente Deslindados, Justine Recebe Um Revelador Livro De Mem Rias No Cora O Deste Di Rio Reside A Sua Verdadeira Identidade Esta A Sua Grande Oportunidade De Sarar As Feridas De Trai Es Do Passado E De Abra Ar Um Novo Amor E Uma Nova Vida.

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    I finally finished this, and I am very glad I did While some parts did not appeal to me, the memoirs of Justine and Richard s grandmother, Gabriele were very moving and at times heartbreaking I can t quite give this four star...

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    I would give this book negative stars if I couldThe premise is good The writing is horrid The story is choppy, at best and feels forced The conversation between Americans keeps grabbing English phrases, for no apparent reason There are random comments thrown in to the story that just feel like an afterthought I usually only give a book 40 pages, but I really wanted to e...

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    This story sounded so good, I really wanted to like it The writing was so terrible, tons of extra words just thrown in, it felt like high school when you added words to just make the paper longer The characters were just not real, too rich, too dramatic, too perfect Constantly reminded sentence after sentence of teh same thing, traits that were already established Twin Bond to name one I stuck with it for sever...

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    4.5 I won this from FirstReads after entering because the description captured my attention When I received the book I got a little nervous It looked like an older Delinsky book than I would have liked More romance y chick lit y if you will Not my thing.I read an ARC in early March so I don t know if the cover of the ARC is the same as an actual edition cover but I don t feel it s right for this story It s not that it doesn t fit it s just too generic It gives no real feel for the story.Luckily, my good luck with FR wins held and this was pretty damn close to amazing So many blurbs say a story is intriguing and page turning and then they fall short this doesn t.There were a few parts, and only a few, that I thought were just a tad too long winded but not by much and it didn t happen often Besides that I was in love with the main characters Grandmothers included.I honestly don t know who I d recommend...

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    This is Bradford s 27th book I know she has a loyal following, so I expected better I thought the dialogue was frequently awful the plotlines were frequently over the top or added nothing and the reader, while sometimes spot on, was often annoying Why did I finish Reading for a genre study.

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    I am a bit embarrassed to admit I read this book and astonished that the author has written 26 other books and received the OBE While the story is original in many ways the prose is terrible Obviously I am not on the same planet as many other people who seem love this type of writing.

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    The dialogue was really unbelievable, why do people write the way no normal person would speak The story a little on the fluffy side.

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    Not one of her better books Much repetition of dialogue, etc.

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    Justine Nolan is a Film Director, she lives in Manhattan she has a twin brother Richard who is grieving his wife s death and a niece Daisy 8 years ago their mother Deborah moved to Californian therefore Justine and Richard have use of her house Deborah is away for 6 weeks in China so when Justine is going through the mail she finds a letter addressed to Deborah with an Istanbul postmark she opens it and is speechless and shocked to learn that Deborah lied to them 10 years ago by telling them their Grandmother had been killed in a plane crash, she is still alive Justine goes to Istanbul to find her Grandmother but does she succeed Lots of family secrets come out of the closet can there relationship with Deborah ever be the same again This is my first book by this Author, I really enjoyed it, and this book was recommended in a magazine, it must be a popular book as I have waited for it from the Library for some time, it was easy to read and follow, I woul...

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    I have loved all of Barbara Taylor Bradford s books and Letter From A Stranger is no exception The book was nothing like I expected but it drew you in from the beginning The memoir written by Gabri Gran was unbelievably vivid and you felt every emotion Throughout the book there was laughter and tears, rom...

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