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Jasmine Nights1942 Numa Europa Devastada Pela Guerra, A Jovem Saba Tem Uma Vida Protegida Demasiado Protegida Ela Anseia Por Liberdade E Suficientemente Obstinada Para Desafiar As Conven Es E A Pr Pria Fam Lia E Perseguir O Seu Sonho Cantar Ao Atuar Num Hospital Militar Brit Nico, A Jovem Conhece Dom, Um Piloto Em Convalescen A A Atra O Imediata Mas Ambos Sabem Estar Perante Um Amor Condenado Dom Debate Se Com O Trauma Das Suas Cicatrizes De Guerra E Est Decidido A Voltar Rapidamente Ao Combate Atormentada Pelos Perigos Que O Homem Que Ama Est Disposto A Correr, Saba Renuncia Aos Seus Sentimentos E Decide Partir Numa Jornada Que A Levar Ao Glamour Do Cairo E Ao Calor E Opul Ncia De Istambul Um Mundo Tumultuoso E Decadente De Soldados, Espi Es E Agentes Duplos Um Mundo Onde N O H Lugar Para A Inoc Ncia E Todos Buscam Mais Do Que Aparentam Alguns Querem Apenas Desfrutar Da Sua Bel Ssima Voz Outros, Sentir O Seu Amor Mas H Tamb M Quem Queira Os Segredos Que S Ela, Gra As Ao C Rculo Social Em Que Se Move, Pode Descobrir No Turbilh O Em Que Se Tornou A Sua Vida, H Algo Que Se Mant M Inalterado As Suas Mem Rias Dos Momentos Que Passou Com Dom Desde Ent O, O Mundo Mudou Irremediavelmente, Mas Os Seus Caminhos Voltar O A Cruzar Se Um Dia E Da Forma Mais Inesperada.

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    I don t know how I can be disappointed with Jasmine Nights when the book delivers exactly what the summary promises, but I am There are a couple of good moments, great scenes, but it just feels like book s too long and missing things at the same time, even though when I reread the summary it is an accurate description of what Gregson has written Maybe my expectations were just too high.My biggest problem s the lack of magic I don t know how else to describe it, but between the scenes and settings, the best historical fictions have an almost magical feel to them I guess from words like exotic, Cairo s bazaars, colors and sounds of the Middle East s most beautiful cities, I had certain expectations, and while Gregson does throw around visits to Cairo s bazaars and scents of jasmine, the only scene I felt had even a spark of magic was the one where Saba s singing at a party in the shadow of the Pyramids Otherwise, the elaborate descriptions, while well researched, kind of fell flat for me, ended up being pretty boring.Characterwise, I liked the alternating narration between Dom s and Saba...

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    1942 and the war is tearing families apart dom is a pilot who was shot down and badly burned whilst recovering saba comes ti the hospital to sing to the patients and he is captivated saba is very gifted and decides to follow her dreams by joining ensa to entertain the troops but her father disowns her her journey takes her to alexandria, the desert and istanbul where she meets up with dom again and they start an affair she also rubs shoulders with double agents and diplomats and does her bit for the country but this nearly kills her then dom is shot down again and thought to be dead she loses all will to live and sing again is everything lost or can love conquer a beautifully told story with great characterisation but i found the middle part rather drawn out and repetitive also some parts were way too co incident...

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    I picked up this book because it explores two things often overlooked about WWII the war on the North African continent, and the role of British entertainers especially in their roles as spies and special agents Unfortunately, this book was a disappointment Most of the book is way too fluffy and romancy feeling for a book set in World War II Then all of the sudden the book takes a very dark turn, which is appropriate to the gritty reality of WWII, but is a complete tone shift for this particular book After that, the book seems to try to be both fluffy and dark, complete with a Hollywood level grand romantic climax that seemed neither appropriate to the fluffy OR the dark tones, and at that point I stopped really trying to follow it because clearly the book had completely fallen apart I forced my way through the last 30 or so pages just so I could be done with it and move on to the next.Plus, this book has one of my biggest pet peeves there s very little sense...

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    Julia Gregson s East of the Sun was one of the most satisfying books I ve ever read That makes it all the frustrating to read anything else by her catching glimmers of the things that made East of the Sun so special while reading a decidedly mediocre work That sums up Jasmine Nights for me in a nutshell But you know I m going to keep going anyway.Gregson does female female relationships well I think they re her greatest strength in both her good book and her not so good books The traveling relationship between Saba, Arleta and Janine was one of my favorite things about this one Saba in context with her mother and grandmother made sense, and even her conversation with Ozan s wife was one of the better moments in the book Female friendship drove East of the Sun, and that may be a very good reason why it s her best.But when it comes to female male relationshipsyikes If I had been one of Julia Gregson s readers before she published this oh yes, I do have creative writing class experience, she says, buffing nails on shirt , I would have advised her very strongly to cut Dom s perspective out of the book Think about it, I would have urged What does the reader get out of his perspective Zilch, except to find him consistently unappealing and REALLY whiny During later scenes when they were both in peril, Dom s side of the story felt like filler Cut the Dom POV scenes, throw in a few revealing conversations with Saba, have him ent...

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    This had a great start full of humor, drama, fear, guilt, and the introduction of some interesting characters.Dom is a pilot who crashed and now has his buttock grafted onto his cheek As morbid as it sounds, that s where the humor comes in, when she kisses him, and he makes a cute and funny comment about where that skin came from I had high hopes for this book as I laughed with them.Saba s house is full of drama Her father is abusive and cruel and against her singing So when she runs off to join a tour which goes to Africa, she battles internally with their parting.The tour group includes some fascinating people, Janine and Arletta, and the story unfolds real wellbut I confess I got bored after a while The mission The real fear and action doesn t start till after page 200 That s over half the book.The romance with Dom It started rough, hardly a romance at all, but then suddenly they meet again and want to tear each other part with passion Huh No that s not a quote that s just me S...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this wartime story of a half turkish girl singer working to entertain the troops in Egypt whilst carrying out secret missions to help the war effort.Add a romance with a heroic fighter pilot and you have a perfect summer read..

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    not normally a type of book I would read the story was okay

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    Este livro aborda a tem tica da II Guerra Mundial pelos olhos de uma jovem rapariga galesa, que come a a cantar para soldados em hospitais militares em Inglaterra e depressa tem o convite para partir para as frentes de combate para animar os soldados longe de casa Essa miss o leva a para o Egipto, onde se reencontra com um soldado aviador que tinha conhecido no hospital onde cantou e onde ele estava a recuperar de ferimentos A hist ria de amor entre os dois come a a desenrolar se em paralelo com a miss o dela oficial e a miss o que lhe confiada pelos servi os secretos brit nicos O risco dessa miss o coloca a numa situa o complicada com os alem es e ao mesmo tempo o seu namorado, o soldado aviador, sofre um acidente e dado como morto por n o se saber o paradeiro dele nem do avi o onde seguia Ele pensa que ela partiu em viagem para cantar noutras paragens e que j se esqueceu dele ela pensa que ele morreu e ...

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    I recieved this advanced readers copy through goodreads giveaway This is the first book I ve read by Julia I m really happy I had the oppurtunity to read this The story is about a young singer asked to spy during the war efforts of World War II The setting is very colorful and whimsical while trekking North Africa with Saba Tarcan And Dom, the soldier she s smitten with is a real class act It s easy to forget that the world was at war while reading There s really not much action in this book I never really got the sense that Saba was in danger It was not a very well developed story in the espionage sense It really seemed like she only had one experience and that was the end of that The romance part of the story was a little better developed or at least a little interesting.The author is very...

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