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Seriously...I'm KiddingProvavelmente As Telespectadoras Portuguesas Acompanham O Talk Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Atualmente A Ser Transmitido Na SIC Mulher Com Ironia E Humor, Degeneres Decidiu Transpor Para Livro Um Conjunto De Conselhos E Dicas Que V O Fazer Com Que As Leitores Se Sintam Melhor Consigo Pr Prias, Mais Felizes, Perderem Peso, Serem Promovidas No Emprego, Conseguirem Ter Um Cabelo Mais Sedoso E Apaixonarem Se Loucamente Isto E Muito Mais Em A S RioEstou A Brincar, Um Guia Pr Tico De Como Apreciar A Vida Com Muito, Muito Sentido De Humor.

[BOOKS] ✮ Seriously...I'm Kidding Author Ellen DeGeneres – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Seriously...I'm Kidding
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Portuguese
  • 28 December 2017
  • 9789722348416

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    Note This is a review of the audio edition.I love Ellen Degeneres Seriously, I m not kidding I know what you re thinking you can t truly love someone whom you ve never met and probably never will But I truly love her in the way you love someone or something that you know with your whole heart is making the world a better place to live And I am positive of this fact when it comes to this woman.After a hard day, her humor and generosity and overall love for people and life are a balm on the world s aches This woman makes each day better for countless people just by being herself Did you know that scientists have proven that laughter can increase your lifespan and even help you feel and look better This isn t to mention all of the people she s helped through her show Cars, houses, miscellaneous gifts, money all given to people who re probably much better off after having received these various gifts.My library has shelved this book in the biography section, but in case there is any one wondering, let me be clear This is not an autobio.And although I laughed many, many times while listening to Ellen s words read in her own narration, I have to admit that a good deal of this book is, truly, just a bunch of babble.At times, Ellen manages to mix philosophy and deep thoughts with spontaneous humor expertly There are very few things that wow us a...

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    When I was a little girl, my grandfather once told me that when he spoke in front of a group, he often began with, I know most people start their speeches with jokes, but I don t know any, so let s all think of our favorite joke and laugh This book reminded me a lot of that joke While I don t watch Ellen s talk show, I do really like her and have read her other books This one seems gratuitous One chapter is made up entirely of her making sounds As in, mememememeeme Or, bwabwabwa A few chapters are short, fictional stories, similar to A woman walks down the beach, and sees the waves Hello, waves END Several are meandering thoughts, a la her Nemo character Another handful of chapters are set in a faux meditation class, where she pretends to be your meditation teacher but only leads to you pickin...

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    Have you seen tumblr I don t mean the pretty pictures I mean this

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    Ellen DeGeneres is a beloved stand up comedian, television host, bestselling author, and actress She hosts the syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, i enjoyed this book so much i love Ellen i watch her show she is so funny , one of my favourite chapters, What Would Jesus Do All these polls do is make everyone so judgmental And I don t believe in judgment Unless is judgment of judgment I don t think someone has to wear something better or have a better hairstyle That s why the word different exists in our language.The wisdom she does have to offer is amazing for example her app...

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    It always helps to think about other people instead of ourselves I picked up this audiobook in hopes of it lifting up my spirits while I had a cold And for the first two out of three hours it did its job I laughed heartily while getting to forget for a minute that I was feeling awful And two passages in particular really stayed with me.One for being witty Do things that make you happy within the confines of the legal system And the other for being relatable Leaning forward in your chair when someone is trying to squeeze behind you isn t enough You also have to move the chair There s quite a few things I was to discuss, so let s start with the things I enjoyed The comedic timing The author sharing details and the behind the scenes of her talk show, interviewing guests and how she needs to keep talking and talking and talking for hours how the audiobook had certain chapters that got background noises, such as beach waves, rain drops, casino noises DeGeneres repeatedly mentioning her want for a Nemo sequel when she talked about the environment, coming out, being happy, veganism, and becoming a cover girl.But I feel like everything that was important was glossed over Meanwhile, the topics that contributed nothing than to ...

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    You wanna read listen to an amusing little time waster and you like Ellen DeGeneres style of humor This is your book However, don t go into this expecting anything really substantial Some chapters are a couple of words, maybe a sentence long And while I adored some of the stories and was uplifted by the encouraging tone, that is where my biggest complaint is.I listened to this in 3 hours This is the absolute shortest audiobook I ve ever listened to and this goes for almost 30 retail You could go to the movie theater for nearly 3 hours and pay less and probably have just as good or a better time.Of course, that probably sounds like I hated the book Not true Ellen is funny, in her own way, and she really is a good narrator I cracked a smile quite a few times and laughed a few others and I m not a big one to laugh while reading or listening to a book Ellen also doesn t just make jokes she s inspiring and uplifting, encouraging meditation, recycling, decluttering, spending time with family, getting regular health check ups, and .But I ll admit, after awhile it got old There are only so many uplifting messages I can take before it feels like I m being lectured to and there is nothing worse than to have someone tell you the life you re living with which you are quite content and are not harming anyone isn t nearly as good as X s Some jokes however didn t do it for me such as...

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    SeriouslyI m bored And shocked This audio is not well read by the author how is that even possible There is little affect, there are no pauses, and it seemed like even she was racing to get to the end The content...

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    I laughed out so hard, God i love Ellen

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    Ellen DeGeneresI listened to the audio version of this book and it s a lot like watching Ellen talk on her television show lots of casual, humorous observations about everyday life Ellen riffs on a wide variety of random topics, seemingly whatever pops into her head at the moment For example People who are late for dinner parties it s rude and may lead to the hosts being in their pajamas by the time dinner ends.Being a Cover Girl model it s hard being beautiful.Coming out as gay she s too gay for some people and not gay enough for others magazine polls that are bonkers how far would you take the fashionable color green all the way half way would you marry it when will a sequel finally be made to the hit movie Finding Nemo in which Ellen voiced Dory.of course a sequel has now been made LOL and much .Finding Dory the sequel to Finding NemoMy favorite chapter is Ellen s satirical, funny letter to the security department of a mall where it s been suggested she broke a vase in a Pottery Barn store Her explanation of how this happened and how it s not her fault is hilarious A tip if you re in a mall, don t swipe a security guard s segway, accidently ride it all over the mall, try to return it to a dumpster out back, fall asleep on a sofa in Pottery barn, become startled awake, fall off, and dislodge cushions that fly off to break a vase And that ...

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