[Epub] Na Sombra da Vingança (Irmandade da Adaga Negra, #7) By J.R. Ward – Diclofenac16.us

Na Sombra da Vingança (Irmandade da Adaga Negra, #7) Os Romances Da Irmandade Da Adaga Negra, De J R Ward, Apresentaram Aos Leitores Um Mundo Diferente, Criativo, Obscuro, Violento E Completamente Incr Vel Agora, Enquanto Os Guerreiros Vampiros Defendem A Ra A Dos Seus Assassinos, A Lealdade De Um Macho Para Com A Irmandade Ser Posta Prova E O Seu Perigoso Sangue Impuro Ser Revelado Caldwell, Nova Iorque Desde H Muito, Campo De Batalha Para Vampiros E Seus Inimigos, A Sociedade Dos Minguantes Tamb M O Lugar Onde Rehvenge Demarcou O Seu Territ Rio Como Um Bar O Da Droga E Propriet Rio De Um Infame Clube Noturno Que Fornece Os Ricos E Bem Armados E Exatamente Pela Sua Reputa O Sombria Que Ele Abordado Para Matar Wrath, O Rei Cego E L Der Da Irmandade Rehvenge Sempre Manteve Dist Ncia Da Irmandade, Apesar De A Sua Irm Ser Casada Com Um Dos Membros Por Ele Ser Um Symphath, A Sua Identidade Representa Um Segredo Mortal, Cuja Revela O Pode Lev Lo A Ser Banido Para Uma Col Nia De Sociopatas E Enquanto As Conspira Es Dentro E Fora Da Irmandade Amea Am Revelar A Verdade Sobre Rehvenge, Ele Volta Se Para A Nica Luz Que Ilumina O Seu Mundo De Escurid O Cada Vez Mais Profunda Ehlena, Uma Vampira Que Nunca Conheceu A Corrup O Que O Controla A Nica Coisa Que Existe Entre Ele E A Destrui O Eterna.

[Epub] Na Sombra da Vingança (Irmandade da Adaga Negra, #7)  By J.R. Ward – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 768 pages
  • Na Sombra da Vingança (Irmandade da Adaga Negra, #7)
  • J.R. Ward
  • Portuguese
  • 27 June 2018
  • 9789724621029

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    It s simple I don t think you should date anyone Rehv moved in even closer, until he could see the flecks of gold in her eyes But I m not just anyone Wow I think I ve found my new favorite BDB book Besides Z s, he will ALWAYS be 1 My first read was great, I loved it, but it didn t stand out from the others On my second read Amazing One of my favorite books EVER, not just the BDB It s totally surprising considering Rehv and the nasty business with his blackmailer, but I SOOO loved him I loved the whole book All the side characters were amazing except Lash, stupid moronic idiot who needs to DIE, ASAP Anyway D Loved it The storyWith most of the glymera dead or hidden, there is a fight for power in the vampire world between those who are left behind, and their main obstacle is their king, Wrath.Only four Brothers are left that are able to fight, which forces Wrath to get back on the streets and do some fighting on his own, even though it s forbidden because he is King.Rehvenge is approached by a council member who wants to eliminate Wrath.He has to deal with his club, his monthly visit to his blackmailer, his illness that needs and treatments, and now he has to decide where his loyalties lie.One night at the clinic, waiting for his...

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    4 Sin Eater StarsFirst read 2014Reread April 3 2017 Life is such a glorious trauma, is it not Wrath SpoilersLover Avenged is the 7th book in the BDB series and it was a good read with tons going on I m going to keep this review short and sweet so I can get to my John Matthews book right away Rehvenge and Ehlena were both cute and likable I loved how playful, vulnerable, and tender Rehv was with Ehlena Ehlena was sweet but she did make me angry for a bit when she didn t stand by her man I get that he lied to her and she was hurt but it took her a whole month to come around A month was too long Rehv and Ehlena s relationship was a slow burn but had a nice build up as they spend time together but didn t have a ton of sex because of Rehv s sympath side No matter what you wear to me, you will always have diamonds on the soles of your shoes Rehv He seemed so fragile as he gave himself up to her, and she realized that if anyone tried to hurt him, even though he could than take care of himself, she would commit murder To protect him, she would kill The conviction was as solid as the bones beneath her skin Even the powerful needed protection sometimes EhlenaI have to say that sympath stuff was in...

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    Excellent, just excellent JR Ward is back with a vengeance For anyone who was disappointed with the previous two books in the BDB series, I urge you not to give up on it Lover Avenged is every bit as good a book as the first four of the series It s got everything that you could want, starting with an outstanding hero and heroine in nightclub owner drug lord Rehvenge and nurse Ehlena It s a testimony to the author s writing skills that she can make a drug lord, mobster pimp into one of her most endearing heroes ever I absolutely adored Rehvenge, and I never thought I would say that His character has always been so so for me But now that JR Ward has fleshed out his character, and we learn the WHY of who he is and why he s done the things he has, I just could not resist him I totally fell for the mohawked, sable fur wearing hardass with a heart of gold By the end of the book, he proved that he truly was a male of worth.As for Ehlena, well, she may be my favorite heroine of the whole series She was brave, compassionate, a caregiver for her mentally sick father, and most of all, forgiving I wanted her to have everything I thought she deserved And she took no crap from Rehvenge But when she broke up with hi...

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    I don t even know where to begin with this review Like so many of Ward s other books, this book consumed my thoughts Even when I wasn t reading it, I was pondering the interactions between the characters, hoping for the best, and dreading the worst that I felt was coming I don t know how the WARDen does it, but my love for this series and her writing grows even all consuming with each book I do know that she understands the power of evoking emotions in the reader I can t read any of her books without getting my emotions involved in the process.I loved Rehv before I read this book I love him even after reading this book Rehv is a great example of why antiheroes are so compelling to me He is a mass of contradictions and not predictable in the least He is so sexy, so powerful, yet so vulnerable at the same time He s no boy scout, but his does have honor and duty He sacrificed himself again and again for those that he loved, even allowing some of them to think the worst of him Inside he bore his loneliness like a burden he felt he deserved I was glad that he had two families, his mother and sister, and Xhex, Trez, and i.am I didn t like the drugs, the violence, and the prostitution, but I could understand why Rehv and Xhex inhabited that dark world They felt that this was the only place they belonged Fortunately Rehv also has the tether of his family, although he has to live a lie for many, many years Xhex doesn t even have ...

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    4.25 5Well, this was much better than the previous book.Honestly, I went into this book half expected it to be disappointing, considering I wasn t happy with Lover Enshrined But I needed to read this one, just couldn t resist Rehvenge s story He caught my attention since book 3 so it was impossible to ignore his story And I can tell you now, when I finished reading Lover Avenged, it wasn t what I expected and it didn t disappoint either it literally blew me away This book was amazing I really loved Rehv and Ehlena s story It was exactly what I wanted Before I started reading this book, I had a feeling that I would enjoy Rehv s character, but I never thought that I would fall head over heels in love with this half symphath, half vampire He simply stole my heart with his selflessness, gentleness, and thoughtfulness.Wrath is always one of my favorite male characters in this series,...

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    You know, he said, this is why I love you so much Her tone was heartbreakingly warm What do you mean You don t ask me to go inside because it s cold You just want to make it easier for me to be where I want to stand Frankly, I read this book without a break Rehv and Elena s story was than I had expected even though I wasn t into his character that much from the previous books Rehv have been a detached character for me from the start, I didn t sympathize him as much as I should for what he has to endure However, J.R ward could practically attracted me with the other stories and characters Her narrative is good as always, I couldn t have asked for Life is such a glorious trauma, is it not I loved Wrath and Beth s story, it s a little bit tragic and sad at some point, but in the end, their story was what redeemed this book to 5 stars rating Xhex and John are good, too I was so thrilled when there were five c...

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    Genre Paranormal RomanceType Book 7 of Black Dagger Brotherhood seriesPOV Third PersonRating Even though not a member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Rehvenge was an influential member of the glymera As a businessman, he was both feared and respected But behind the persona, he had a secret that not only would change his life, but the Brotherhood as well.Ehlena was a kind hearted nurse who had fell into tough times Once a member of the glymera, a reversal of fortune forced her scrape by while tending to her ailing father She had been admiring Rehv afar, but as they got closer, his secret could possibly rip them apart.In previous books in the series, even though Rehv intrigued me, he wasn t a character I cared about Before reading, I wasn t sure if my opinion of him would change I m glad to say it did And he lived dark and violent and seedy Was going to die that way, too He deserved where he was going. On the surface, Rehv was a selfish, opportunistic and manipulative character In the past, he showed how he sacrificed for the ones he cared, but in this book we get to see yet another side of him Seeing his vulnerabilities made him lovable The thing was, it wasn t that she wanted to change everything She just wanted something for herself, something that made her know she was alive. I like how responsible Ehlena was, not only with her profession but also her family She was under...

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    you know what needs to be avenged my heart it didn t deserve this treatment

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    Even the powerful needed protection sometimes Lover Avenged is one of my favorite installments of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series It is the love story of Rehvenge and Ehlena Rehv s character is so special and extravagant Despite his tough and merciless fa ade, he is self devoted and selfless for those who he loves I really enjoyed the reveal of his personality Ehlena is perfect for him she is honest, open minded, clear sighted, and brave.Like in the previous books of the series, many storylines are interweaving with each other nothing happens without a purpose Every small detail of the plot has significance The interplay between the characters is amazing.It s one of the darkest and most angsty book of the series Every moment is sinister, loaded with dark, painful secrets and lies, tormenting memories, fears, tragedies, and pain The tension is present all along the story Somewhere in the middle of the story, slowly, very slowly, some light penetrates into the dark, but things soon turn into even deeper shit, and total hopelessness Thor finally begins to pull himself together, but it is to...

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    Rehvenge or Rehv and Ehlena Ehlena Yeah Don t take this the wrong way She drew in a deep breath and he saw her bare shoulders tighten Okay I ll try not to You keep showing up here Being who you are There was a pause I m going to fall in love with you Ehlena is a sweet, humble nurse who lives with her old and unable to help himself father She is a good nurse dedicated to her job at Haver s clinic and her patients She is a good daughter who stands by her sick father and spends most of the money that she earns for his care She is also a very poor girl who is not part of the glymera.Rehvenge is the owner of the most famous vampire club and the brother of Bella A crime boss and a drug lord He is a badass boy with a mohawk and amethyst eyes.And with a big bad secret He is half Symphath he has the ability and desire to manipulate emotions in others , which is not a good thing and he needs to keep himself calm in order to be able to operate daily Moreover Rehvenge is part of the Glymera and he is rich So, Ehlena and Rehvenge have really nothing in common except Rehvenge s frequent visits to the clinic in order to get antibiotics and medicines in large quantities Rehvenge thinks that he does not deserve her And probably he doesn t, because Ehlena will lose her job and her dignity because of him And because he never tells her t...

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