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Eleven HoursDidi Wood Is Nine Months Pregnant, Doing Some Last Minute Shopping Before The Baby Is Born Stepping Out Of The Air Conditioned Dallas Mall Into The Cruel Heat Of The Parking Lot, She Hears A Voice Behind Her And The Nightmare Has Begun.Abducted By An Increasingly Unstable Young Man, Didi Must Endure An Epic Drive Across The Texas Plains, Heading Through The Relentless Heat Toward A Destination That Only He Knows.Meanwhile, Her Anguished Husband Rich Is On The Trail With An FBI Agent Who May Or May Not Be As Good As He Says He Is At Rescuing Hostages Eleven Hours S A Tour De Force Of Storytelling Power From The Bestselling Author Of Tully And Red Leaves.

[ EPUB ] ✼ Eleven Hours Author Paullina Simons – Diclofenac16.us
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 299 pages
  • Eleven Hours
  • Paullina Simons
  • English
  • 20 May 2017
  • 9780007716753

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    So glad I am reading books of a thrilling nature This ripper of a book packed a quick, fast punch It covers, as the title suggests, an eleven hour time frame, where there s no room for anything else but good solid reading, that I did not want to put down for a moment Everything there is to like is here, as nine month pregnant Didi is enjoying the air con in the dead of summer, minding her own business and filling in time till she meets up with her loving husband, Rich, for lunch This leisurely afternoon of shopping and pretzel eating I loved the little nuances, yes Didi you should take two why not turns into a nightmare for this lovely glowing pregnant woman The descriptive nature of Didi for this entire book was extremely vivid and needed to be I found the FBI husband combo amusing to an extent, Rich was entrusted to help closely, and I also enjoyed seeing this play out.Highly recommended, quick effective reading, which I really enjoyed for a couple of days Things in th...

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    Extremely forgettable I have finished it 5 minutes ago and I already struggle to remember what this book was all about Painfully cartoonish, monochromatic characters, and a dull and predictable plot with abundant platitudes littering the narrative, all strongly characterize this book and make it an excruciating reading experience over, the leading character is so painfully stupid, in her mixture of dumb consumerism and Christian fundamentalism , that the only missing ingredient in her story is some make America great again statement Brain damaging The pretentious philosophical debates, within and between the main characters, are pathetic in their shallowness Very disappointing, especially considering that the author also wrote The Bronze Horseman , which I quite enjoyed What...

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    Nine months pregnant Didi Wood had a little over an hour to kill after her doctor s appointment before she met her husband Rich for lunch She decided to go to a nearby shopping centre where it was air conditioned it was a crushingly hot day she needed to get some wooden blocks for her daughter Amanda a few other bits and pieces She wouldn t be late for lunch with Rich but she would enjoy her slow wander around the shopping centre When a young man offered to carry her bags, she declined the offer there was something about him that made her wary Then as she entered the car park and moved toward her car, anxious to get inside out of the heat she heard the voice again it was behind her suddenly she felt an unnamed fear was she being irrational Rich couldn t work out where Didi was she was often a little late but would always call it was totally out of character for her to not contact him Then with the police finally involved, plus the FBI as well, Rich was desperate What had happened Where was she The FBI agent seemed confident they would locate the abductor sooner rather than later, but Rich was not at ...

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    EXCERPT Didi wanted to speak but found she was made speechless by her heart ramming itself against her chest She didn t need to turn around She recognized his voice It was the manin the jacket She felt slightly nauseated Did you hear me, ma am the voice said You shouldn t be carrying those heavy bags It s not good for the baby Didi turned around The man was standing in front of her, hands in his jacket pockets The heat index was up to 120 and he was wearing a jacket over his white shirt The incongruity of the jacket hadn t registered in the cool mall, but now it seemed distinctly out of place She stared directly at him without averting her gaze His upturned nose made him look petulant, as if he d been waiting for a bus too long His mouth was upturned too, in a semblance of a smile It looked as if he was grimacing, stretching his thin lips upward, toward eyes that weren t smiling They were blue and they were cold, and she saw that they lacked something essential The expression in the eyes, like the jacket, did not belong in a mall parking l...

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    I don t know exactly why but I keep reading other novels by Paullina Simons looking for the same feeling The Bronze Horseman trilogy left me, which I devoured in no time and they are not short books at all.This is my second book by Simons after the trilogy, and again, I feel than disappointed, I feel disgusted.No trace of the smart and subtle prose of her most acclaimed series, just another impossibly likable characters in a superficial story not believable at allIn this thriller , we meet nine month pregnant Didi short name for Desdemona who is kidnapped by a disturbed young man in the parking of a mall going shopping stupid make up and underwear when you re due any minute We are supposed to wonder why he kidnaps her, and even though it isn t revealed until the last pages, it s completely obvious from the beginning, which makes all the story even pointlessHer husband Rich tries to save her with the help of a typical film FBI Agent, half stupid half funny or at least he tries to be.Plus I couldn t help but dislike Didi she seemed false and swallow, her supposed Christianity and her willingness to save everybody didn t match her passion and strength in her fighting of the last pages, I doubt a pregnant woman mistreated the way she was could have the nerve to react the way she does in the last chapter.All in all, the novel failed to move me, I found it charmless and predictable and vulgar And let me warn you...

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    This is a book that was hard to put down The tension rose Poor Didi From shopping the mall, munching on almond pretzels, her day just went steadily downhill The pain, the thirst, the worry, the heat, the dirt and the blood all mounted up, and the poor reader is trapped there with her It s an uncomfortable and unpleasant ride, but there s no escape Not until the end The suspense was killing.I read it as quickly as I possibly could Within the span of a day, which is pretty good for me now.Didi and the kidnapper were entirely credible Well, mostly The kidnapper was crazed enough to make his odd behaviour understandable He had a plan to follow and he was following it, even if Didi was making things difficult.Didi Geez Don t get in the car You re nine months pregnant, a few minutes away from having lunch with your husband, there is nothing good coming out of a car ride with a strange man who spooks you out And I don t care how strong he is, he s not going to be able to carry or drag a nine month pregnant screaming woman through a car park without interference.After that, well, the violence keeps her in line.What jarred was the police FBI side of things The police sounded realistic enough, but the FBI end of it was way out of whack As Megan notes, the husband isn t going to be that closely involved Questioned closely, sure, but his place then is at home, looking after the kids and keeping the relatives calm He s not going to go flying around in helicopters, dressing up in combat...

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    Kind of excruciating The guy is a stereotype of every creep and psycho ever written and the plot moves really slowly over exactly what he says and does.Didi is not very likeable She s an empty headed little woman who married the boss and had kids and lives to shop and even buys special expensive lingerie to give birth in Not judging, just 11 hours with her is too long even if she does get tough finally and do something about the situation after trying everything else first including religion.The religion that wound its way through the plot seemed excessive and not plausible Ok so he sells religious books and is damn rich from it so she has this very strong faith and her conversations with her abductor and thoughts are full of that but then they also say things like karma and sort of mix their faiths a fair bit in anachronistic ways I know people in real life DO have very personal blends of faiths but there is not enough story and characterisation here to make it believable.The FBI guy is both a set of stereotypes and a foil for Rich the aptly nam...

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    Scary, suspenseful story of an extremely pregnant woman who is kidnapped outside of a mall From the beginning, with the slow stalking of Didi, with the creepy guy who is just slightly inappropriate and giving off the weird vibe, but who doesn t do anything obvious enough for Didi to scream for help or call 911 or ask mall security for help, the book is great I think ALL women have been there with a creepy weirdo who is asking to carry your bags, who is making you uncomfortable but it s such a minor thing that they are doing so we ignore our intuition that says RUN The author does a fantastic job of describing this, and I completely felt the whole Boy, this guy is icky feeling, but society tells us we are overreacting if we do anything about it Lyle forces Didi into his car and is driving h...

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    This held my interest to the end, but I wasn t able to really invest in the characters In many ways this read like a book I d read before no surprises and not much suspense for a book about a kidnapping.

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    Personal Response I thought that Eleven Hours by Paullina Simons was a good book It took me awhile to get into it but once I did it was hard to put down.Plot Didi Woods, at eight months pregnant, was shopping at the mall and this guy as she was walking to her car asked if she needed help with her bags She said no thank you and kept walking but he followed her to her car He said that she was hurting herself and the baby because she was carrying those bags Once she go to the side of her van he forcefully pushed her up against it and said let s go for a ride together but she said no because she had to meet her husband Rich for lunch at 1 But the guy took her by the arm and tried to lead her to his car but she yelled help me to two ladies walking into the mall, and as she did that this guy took her face in his hands and kissed her very hard Now Didi knew something was wrong He dragged her to his car where he shoved her to the seat and made her sit They took off on the highway at a really fast speed When it is 1 45 and Didi isn t at the restaurant Rich starts to get worried so he goes to the mall and started to...

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